samedi 31 janvier 2015

Abortion - Konvert (2014)

When it comes to old school grind Abortion, from Slovakia, counts as one of the "big names". These guys started releasing grind records in the early nineties and their ability at doing it the right way imposed them as one of the major forces in the excellent eastern european grindcore scene. Konvert, released last year, is their sixth full-length (along with many splits) and it's another concentration of good old school grind, firmly rooted in hardcore punk, with many mid tempo parts with a good groove, good typical grind accelerations and efficient trash-punk riffing. It's as typical grind as it's cover art is but what matters is that it's a really enjoyable grind album. good stuff. They don't disappoint.

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dimanche 25 janvier 2015

Merkabah - Moloch (2014)

Merkabah is a polish quintet (guitar, bass, drums, electronics and saxophone), Moloch is their third album. What they play is a nervous crossing between free jazz, noise rock and progressive rock (King crimson being an admitted and obvious influence, in the melodies, the rhythms, etc,.). the rhythmic section is heavy and also complex at times (just what is needed, they stay simple when it's more about supporting the saxhophone melodies, or just being heavy / noisy. the melodic parts is most of the time done, very well, by the saxophone, the guitar parts being more rhythmic / jazzy. the electronic elements is ery subtle and discreet, contributing to the global sound and atmosphere. the songwriting is great and the songs are really attention grabbing and hypnotic. the album is a grower, the more you listen to it the better it sounds.

highly recommended!

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vendredi 23 janvier 2015

Napalm death - Apex predator - easy meat (2015)

28 years after laying the basis of what would become grindcore Napalm death is still releasing albums, and even surpisingly good albums! When many old bands are content with doing again and again the music that made them famous years ago, Napalm death are among the bands that are trying hard to push the boundaries of their style further and further. They are not just playing with a sound that really live up to the standards of the day (the production of the new album is excellent) but they also are experimentating (without betraying the core of their music).
so what are they trying on Apex predator - easy meat?  They added a dose of noise to their sound and did some indus / noise slower parts or songs (like "Dear slum landlord"). But they are not really back to what they tried in the nineties, this time they're not really slowing the pace, and the result is a lot more convincing, it adds to the overall agressivity, it's a way to experiment but at the same time to sound "harder" than they already were. Also Barney is doing a few clean singing parts (like in the noisy intro or in the excellent "hierarchies"), and it's also working better than his past tries. I liked their previous album,  Utilitarian, but this one is even better, maybe the best thing they did since a long time. You'll have the fast and ferocious songs with the typical Napalm groove, excellent guitar works (good riffs! plus some good noisy parts and background sounds), good drumming, and Barney's vocals are at their top. And on top of that you'll also have some successfull and convincing more experimental elements.
It's at the same time interesting to listen to and also catchy and enjoyable (it's quite addictive in fact and I'm listening to it everyday since I get it!). With this great album they prove that they still are at the top of their grind and among the leaders, the avant-garde, of grindcore music.

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mercredi 21 janvier 2015

Bask- American hollow (2014)

In a highly standardised metal scene it's good when a new band is proposing something different. And this is what Bask, from North Carolina does. Their album, called American hollow and released last summer could be described as an original mix of heavy metal in a vein not very far Baronness / Mastodon, a touch of emo hardcore, and americana rock (say Neil Young). But they don't just rely on originality, they show great songwriting qualities and their mix really works. It can be nicely quiet, with mememorable melodies, and then going into full heavy metal epicness, with a feeling of hardcore urgency. And the good vocals really helps.  A good surprising album filled with good songs. They definitely deserves more recognition.

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lundi 19 janvier 2015

Thantifaxath - Sacred white noise (2014)

Sacred white noise is the first album by canadian black metallers Thantifaxath. They get some attention after the released of their demo in 2011 and this album, also released by Dark descent records, is a brilliant confirmation of their potential. If your looking for something very raw, brutal or trve pass your way. they belong more to the avant-garde side of black metal (while sticking largely to the basics of the genre, bleak atmosphere, croaked vocals, blast beats, etc..). The production is quite clean and clear and the use of contemporary music / neo classical elements as well as some elements reminding progressive music in a king crimsonian vein, bring a "classy" touch to their sound. They also use some dissonant riffing in a modern black metal vein (think Deathspell omega or Blut aus nord).  Their songwriting push more in the direction of creating melancholic, bizarre or epic atmospheres than on pure darkness or brutality. Sacred white noise is a fascinating album, a successfull step on the path of the broadening of black metal scope, a must listen for those interested in the more progressive / avant side of black metal, but it will also appeal to anyone into dark and atmospheric metal. A truly excellent album!

The bandcamp page.

dimanche 18 janvier 2015

Jackson firebird - Cock rocking (2014)

Cock rocking is a really cool debut album from this australian garage rock duo called Jackson firebird! they play a good mix of garage rock, hard rock and raw blues, reminding AC / DC, Jon Spencer blues explosion and R.L burnside. This mix providing a good diversity in the album while staying cohesive from the raw blues to the more hard rocking songs. nothing ground breaking here but the songs are really good, with plenty of good riffs, cool vocals, and very good drumming (home made percussion more precisely, but excellent rhythms anyway). Very enjoyable stuff!

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vendredi 16 janvier 2015

The kill - Kill them...all (2015)

Kill them...all by australian grinders The kill is their second album, in the same vein as their first one Make'em suffer but that's not a problem sinc eit was really good (see the review I did HERE). So you'll also have the super fast drumming, the trashy riffing (the nod to Mettalica's Kill'em all don't really suprise even if The kill is way more extreme), and the pissed off screaming vocals. As dense and relentless as grind can get but with a "catchy" touch due to the trash metal guitar playing style. really cool stuff!

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