jeudi 19 septembre 2019

Cloud Rat - Pollinator & Do Not Let Me Off the Cliff EP (2019)

 Cloud Rat is releasing a new album called Pollinator, coming with a bonus EP called Do Not Let Me Off the Cliff. This time their experiment with more melodic or post-punk parts are concentrated on the bonus EP which is not hardcore at all whereas the album, Pollinator, is Cloud Rat at their most aggressive. Problem is this way the album is more "monochrome" more predictable, so I prefer their previous ones. Still once again their super fierce hardcore is extremely well crafted and it well could be the best hardcore album this year.
 What about the EP? It is more diverse than the album, going from neofolk to new-wave and dark ambient, with melodic singing only, but also it is more inequal in quality, some parts are very good and interesting, while some others are less memorable.
I'd like them to keep on creating non hardcore music, I'm curious to hear where it could lead them since there are promising elements in Do Not Let Me Off the Cliff,  but also I'd' like that next time they inject more experiment and diversity in their hardcore songs.

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vendredi 13 septembre 2019

rDEVICE - Rebirth (2019)

Rebirth is four tracks of good quality techno from rDEVICE (Riccardo Di Vizio), released on Blattodea Records (Italian label releasing industrial techno and power electronics music).
What we have here is powerful hardcore beats over industrial noises, with also maybe an acid flavour. Well crafted hardcore/industrial techno with a distinct personality. Good stuff.

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mercredi 11 septembre 2019

Screamer - Highway of Heroes (2019)

Sometimes a bit of traditional heavy metal is like refreshing. Here's some from Screamer (from Sweden), and a new album (their fourth) called Highway of heroes. Their main influence sounds to be old Judas Priest, and they're good at playing this kind of metal. Of course this is often a bit cheesy, and sometimes bordering bad taste as much as genius at the same time, but hey let's face it, heavy metal always have been a kind of "guilty pleasure" anyway, isn't it? Just enjoy it... hold your virtual sword, ride into the wind, no thinking no regret! Have fun.

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jeudi 5 septembre 2019

Visceral Disgorge - Slithering Evisceration (2019)

Need your fresh dose of brutal death metal? Then I have a treat for you! The new Visceral Disgorge, called Slithering Evisceration, eight years after their first one has everything you will like. It's clear those eight years were not wasted because the new one beats the old. Dense and straight to the point at the same time thanks to the good songwriting, technical enough (the drumming especially), some slam but not too much, good riffing and a good brutal groove. They do the job expertly. Good stuff!

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mardi 3 septembre 2019

No Balls / Blank Veins - split (2016)

This is an awesome split with two bands influenced by the Brainbombs kind of noise rock, trumpet (for No Balls) and sax (for Blank Veins) included. No Balls even features half members of Brainbombs.
The No Balls tracks are more repetitive (not in a bad way) and are more brutally industrial, whereas the Blank Veins tracks have more diversity, sometimes a bit melodic, sometimes more chaotic and noisy.
Both side of the split are really excellent.

samedi 31 août 2019

Endorphins Lost - Seclusions (2019)

Last time I wrote about Endorphins Lost was when I reviewed their split with the excellent OSK, now they're back with an album, called Seclusions, and it's really good. They play some fastcore/grind, with a bit of sludge sometimes. It really sounds pissed off and has enough variety to keep your attention (too often in hardcore/grind the songs sounds a bit like blurred each into the others but they avoid that).
Good stuff.

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mercredi 28 août 2019

John Zorn - The Hierophant (2019)

This is a piano, bass, drums trio album, but, composed by John Zorn and played by Brian Marsella (piano), Trevor Dunn (bass) and Kenny Wollesen (drums), The Hierophant is not your usual chamber music. The nine tracks, each one inspired by one tarot card, shows many different facets and moods, it's quite melodic and there are quiet moments yes, but coming with the expected (from these guys!) additional intensity and expertly controlled craziness. This is a truly superb and moving album. Highly recommended!

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