dimanche 28 juin 2015

King giant - Black ocean waves (2015)

King giant is a great heavy metal band from Virginia (USA). Their previous album, Dismal hollow, back in 2012 was one of the best heavy metal of the year and I listened to it many times (read Here the review and the interview we did). They are now back with Black ocean waves. It's another awesome album that I also really enjoy listening to. I hope it will help them get the recognition they deserves. The album starts with a good instrumental and from the beginning compositional skills and good guitar works are on display, then the first songs starts and you hear how good the singer is (clean but powerfull heavy metal singing) and that the rhythm is good at doing what is needed to make it groove. Great traditionnal heavy metal with just a touch of stoner sound to add more heaviness. I mentionned the good start of the album but it doesn't fail to end on a high note with a classy 8 minutes long closing epic. Once again King giant are really strong at heavy, epic and groovy songwriting. If you need some comparison we could say they are somewhere between Iron maiden and Corrosion of conformity. Don't expect some important evolutions compared to Dismal hollow, the new album carry on in the same tracks, but I think nobody will complain, both albums are great, the band found their formula and are really good at doing it.  If you're into this kind of music I can't recommend it too much.

Their website

vendredi 26 juin 2015

Sommer - On waking and dreaming (2015)

Sommer is the new solo project of Adam Sommer after ending Charnel house. On waking and dreaming is his first solo album (released on his label Sygil records).  It sounds partly like a continuation of Charnel house, with some black metal influences in the dark atmosphere and some guitar parts. The ritualistic ambient element and mysterious feel is also still there. But very few metal drumming this time (more minimalistic drumming with a bit of repetitive / krautrock element), and more rays of light piercing through the dark feel. And no more female vocals exept when Charnel house singer Liv Mershon sings as a guest in "Wake state". Adam Sommer is doing the vocals, clean vocals, quiet and discreet, a bit like whispered incantations. What else do we have? a noise / drone element a bit like in Earth or maybe Arbouretum. And like in Earth there's in this album a great ability to blur the line between dark and light. We also have great guitar work, drones and some quiet, beautifull but sometimes slightly disturbing guitar melodies. we can even find a kind of "noisy blues", like in the excellent guitar parts of "celebration". There's a general feel running through the album and giving it its unity, but with many different shades and subtilities, and each song has it's specificity and distinguish itself. The black meets kraut thing, as well as the somewhat mystical feel, could remind Aluk todolo (we could say it's somewhere between Aluk todolo and Earth). We could try to describe the album as some "droning black kraut music".
But describing it is not the point anyway, just listen to it, it's some very well crafted, creative and interesting music.

Highly recommended!

The Bandcamp page 

mardi 23 juin 2015

Hot graves - Magnificent death (2015)

This is the second album from Hot graves and this Magnificent death sound like they didn't lose the infectious spontaneity of their music, true to the old school spirit of their D-beat / speed  / trash metal / death / black lethal mix. Trash crust riffing with a rocking vibe, D-beat alternating with mid-tempo, and agressive vocals with death / black metal influences that always kill it. And when like with Hot graves the band knows how to craft raw and catchy songs you can't resist it. If you're  a trash maniac or into any kind old school metal this album is for you. sink into their blackened pinkness and enjoy!

The BC page

vendredi 19 juin 2015

Abyssion - Luonnon harmonia ja vihreä liekki (2015)

Abyssion is a duo featuring members from Dark budha rising and Oranssi pazuzu,  Luonnon harmonia ja vihreä liekki which means in finnish “Harmony of Nature and The Green Flame” is their second album, which is released by Svart record. What they play could maybe be called "space black metal", the main component is traditionnal black metal, quite primitive and somewhat punkish, reminding old Darkthrone, not the more modern, brutal or technical kind of black metal. The other component brings the "space" thing : trippy keyboards parts. And maybe also some krautock something in the rythms, or is it just the repetitive element you often find in black metal? The album sounds a bit like you could imagine would sound Darkthrone jamming with he keyboardist of Acid mothers temple (that would be cool!). Of course it is sung in finnish, english would be so common...
Actualy I would have liked the experimentation going further in the black metal meets space / prog / kraut music direction (but one of the guys is already doing that, and it's awesome, with Oranssi pazuzu so...). But old school black metal with some twists of weird space synth parts is an intersting and enjoyable listening experience as well. Best than just another raw black metal band (they are actually quite good at doing the raw black metal thing, but the experimental additions makes it more interesting).
recommended if you're into black metal and more spacey / experimental stuff.

Their FB page

mercredi 17 juin 2015

Coffin birth - Cult of the technocrat (2015)

Cult of the technocrat is the new tape from australian grinders Coffin birth. As expected it is very good suff (read HERE my review of the previous release, and HERE the interview we did last year). The tape (in a limited edition of 100 copies) features six songs clocking in 8 minutes in total. Maybe the old school component of their music is even more present with a big Napalm death influence and good ol' death metal as well. It's very classic grind, with a very abrasive sound and good old school grooves. They really do justice to their influences, giving it a fresh and wild feel, the songs are good and played just how it should. If you're into grind are also into the more primitive and punkier side of death metal (with more speed!) I'm sure you'll really like it. my only complain is that it's too short. It's time to release an album guys! we're waiting for it!

The BC page

lundi 15 juin 2015

Dante Augustus Scarlatti - Ameritheism (2014)

Dante Augustus Scarlatti is a "noise" artist (doing also video and other visual arts), but the album I'm reviewing here is noise related but is more in a punk / no-wave / industrial vein. It's, called Ameritheism and released by a very good label called Auris Apothecary (specialised in releasing avant-garde / noise music in limited edition and special format). It consist itn thirteen tracks lasting 1minute each. Everything is made with a guitar, a microphone, and a computer for the beats. As I said it sounds a bit like a kind of post-punk but more like no-wave extremism flirting with noisegrind than new-wave stuff. Dante Augustus Scarlatti is kind of ranting in the mic, in a way between punk singing / screaming and spoken words / rapping. The lyrics are doing a radical critique of some of the dumbest aspects of american ideology / politics. it's quite good. The music is going very well with his angered flow. simple beats and punk /noise / indus rock minimalistic riffing. In a way it reminds a bit Correction house (but is rawer and punkier). It's original, interesting and have a very live / spontaneous feel.

The BC page

vendredi 12 juin 2015

Seremonia - Kristalliarkki (2015)

Listening to the first Seremonia records I thought they were ok ( I should have paid more attention, because they already showed the band had a good potential...). But with Kristalliarkki (released with Svart records who are really doing an outstanding year!) Seremonia really took it to a higher level, gaining another dimension. With Kristalliarkki they really get better on everything, from the production (which is now great), to the cover art, but of course most importantly with the songs itselves. Their music is still based on a kind of proto-hard rock / sixties garage rock with some psychedelic touches and keyboards parts. But they added more diversity and displays on this album a greater level of creativity. Seremonia is now without question a really unique band. The album starts with an intro with some free jazz like drumming / percussions and choir like vocals and a bit of sax. And the album ends with a wild garage outro! and in between you have some hard rocking songs with a psychedelic flavour, some psychedelic doom with saxophone, some finnish folk / prog... imagine a jam with The Doors, the Stooges, Hawkwind, Black sabbath, Sun ra and Deep purple, with a girl singing in finnish (the vocals are great and add to the originality of their sound). The songs, even the less complex, more hard rock based ones, are filled with twists and suprises, with the keybords parts, the vocals lines, the guitar riffing and leads, the rocking but subtle drumming, a bit of flute, or some saxophone... The album culminating with the title track, an awesome 60' psych' doom 14 minutes song.
The album sounds very fresh and suprising, I already listen to it many many times and do it with an always renewed pleasure, it's so well crafted, full of nice details, and at the same time sounding spontaneous and lively (it's often really rocking, with a wild garage feel).

I really recommend you do yourself the pleasure of trying it. A highely exiting and enjoyable album, bursting with inventivity.

The Bandcamp page

ps : oh, and don't fail to listen to the single called "Hasiskulti" they released with the album (but the two songs does not feature on the album!), those two songs are also great, especially hasiskulti!