vendredi 27 mars 2015

Dead neanderthals - Body horror (2013)

Dead neanderthals present themselves as part of a New wave of dutch heavy jazz. And why not? I don't really know about the dutch roots of their music, i'd say they follow musicians of the european free jazz scene like the german Peter Brotzmann or the swedish Mats Gustafsson. And they sure are heavy! Body horror is not their latest release but I especially like this tape (released by Utech records). On it they play as a soprano sax / drums duo (which is not unusual in a free jazz context). On twelve minutes track they drag you in their relentless trance of howling sax (but with a somewhat lyrical feel and a direction, not just bursts of noise) and non stop free jazz drumming driving the sax with its pulsating beat. If you're into freee jazz in it's most radical form you have to listen to it. And it's a very good start for any metalhead / punk curious and brave enough to try listening to some free jazz. Highly recommened!

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mercredi 25 mars 2015

Cannabis corpse - From wisdom to baked (2014)

I'm not usually interested in joke / parody band. But Cannabis corpse, founded by Land Phil (also in Municipal waste) is a different shit. having Cannibal corpse as a main influence helps (I also love Cannibal corpse), and actually writing damn good death metal songs helps even more. There is the fun but with Cannabis corpse there is also the quality and probably that's why the band last and From wisdom to baked, released last year, is their fourth album. Full of early Cannibal corpse worship (up to The bleeding era) but not limited to it as the lead guitars are slightly more melodic, going also in a Carcass direction. Overall it's really a well done and enjoyable death-metal album.   

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lundi 23 mars 2015

Primitive man - Home is where the hatred is (EP 2015)

The Colorado monster is back! Primitive man, after Scorn, their terrific album in 2013, and some splits are back (still with Relapse records) with this four song EP  called Home is where the hatred is. And the beast is still as heavy and ugly for our pleasure. They play their own kind of death / doom where death is not only for the vocals but also for some blast beats parts and the additionnal "evilness" of the sound and atmosphere, and doom is for the bleak desperate feel, the slow parts and the absolute heaviness of the guitars (and drumming on the slow parts). The three long songs are fearsome masterpieces and the noisy instrumental outro makes sure the record ends on a bleak disturbing note. Excellent stuff once again from Primitive man!

The bandcamp page.

vendredi 20 mars 2015

Landskap - II (2014)

Landskap, a new band from London (UK) managed last year to release not only their excellent first album (I) but also a second one (called II) which is just as good ! It's the second that I'll review here (but don't fail to check the first one as well!). What they do is super classy and well-crafted doom with a a 70' rock touch, including a somewhat progressive element, with even jazzy breaks. The guitars are heavy and the songs are rocking and epic but it stays melodic with excellent solos,  subtle keyboards parts and singing that reminds The Doors (I mean both the keys part and the singing), like a hazy meeting of Black sabbath and The Doors, with maybe a Deep purplesque something as well. The album is four long songs plus a nice short instrumental theme. captivating from start to finish. It's so good, finely crafted and addictive that I don't understand why this new band has been so unnoticed despite releasing not one but two excellent albums last year. that's beyond me... but what is sure is that I'm very pleased to have discovered it.  now it's your turn!

Their bandcamp page

Feel nothing - st tape (2014)

Ready for a shot of hardcore? I got some, old school and with a fine Black flag taste. Feel nothing is a californian band and last year they released this excellent self titled tape. Pure old school hardcore with heavy mid tempo and wild fast parts. 6 songs in 8 minutes, with no filler. Hardcore is all about energy and impact and this tape is excactly that.

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mercredi 18 mars 2015

Scab - Sounds from the sewer (2015)

Scab is an american very prolific grind duo. Since their formation in 2013 they already released 3 albums (including this one, called Sounds from the sewer, released this month) and 5 EPs. Yet the quality is there and they even show a good dose of creativity in their songwriting, with more diversity than the usual grind. What they play is strictly speaking grindcore, the whole range of grindcore with it's different elements. taking from the grindpunk side (D-beat, some hardcore crust like vocals) or from the deathgrind side (brutality, blast beats, some death / gore vocals). Another of their strong point, in addition to the diversity in their songs, is their good use of groovier parts to balance the more straight forward faster parts. they also have funny song titles. Don't fail to discover this excellent new grind band.

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mardi 17 mars 2015

Rectal hygienics - Ultimate purity (2015)

DIRTY. This album is dirty. Sounds like the band, a quartet from Chicago, is not called Rectal hygienics by chance. And the album name, Ultimate purity is the perfect sarcostic irony. Their first album, also nicely named Even the flies won't touch you, was already an excellent exercise in noisy sludge, and this one is really a worthy follow-up. The bass is still heavier than heavy and crushingly repetitive, the drowned in feedback riffs are oozing the dirty blues. the vocalist sounds sick. This is a lot better (with a more noise, nearly early Godflesh sound) than  the last Eyehategod. noise SLUDGE at it's finest.

get dirty ont he Soundcloud page.