vendredi 22 février 2019

The Body & Uniform - Mental Wounds Not Healing (2018)

The Body already took part in a few collaborative album, and Uniform is another band among the few best recent industrial metal band, so them doing a collaborative album, Mental Wounds Not Healing, released last year with Sacred Bones records, was no big surprise. The mix of the two bands really works well producing cohesive songs while the identity of both bands are kept. As could be expected this is an excellent industrial metal album. Actually it should have been in my list of best albums from 2018.

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lundi 18 février 2019

Gets Worse - Snubbed (2019)

Gets Worse are back with a new album called Snubbed and the fastcore/powerviolence of the quartet from the UK did not lose it's excellency at crafting catchy and memorable songs, more than is usual in their style, without losing power and intensity, quite the contrary.
Really cool stuff.

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mercredi 13 février 2019

Mythic Sunship - Another Shape of Psychedelic Music (2018)

Another Shape of Psychedelic Music is the second album Danish psych rockers Mythic Sunship released in 2018 (with El Paraiso, a cool psych rock label) Even more than Upheaval it leaves the Black Sab' riffing inspired parts (we got more than enough of that so that's fine for me) for more psychedelic explorations and ventures into spiritual jazz territory (sax included), and to be more specific late Coltrane inspired stuff. And the trip is a good one. Their three previous albums are also worthy of your time, but maybe this one's the most interesting.

samedi 9 février 2019

Meth Leppard / Deterioration - split 7'' (2018)

I knew the Australian grind band Meth Leppard since their demo in 2015 and I like their old school Napalm Death inspired grind, I'm discovering Deterioration thanks to this split, a grind band from the US, also on the old school spectrum of grind, and I like what they do as well. A very good split of pure grind done right. 

The Meth Leppard side on BC

The Deterioration side on BC

vendredi 8 février 2019

Gorod - Aethra (2018)

Aethra is the sixth album from French progressive death metal band Gorod. their music sound somewhere between Opeth and modern technical death metal. They don't intend to be the most complex or fast or brutal, and they don't need to, since their excellent songwriting skill is enough to distinguish them from the rest, and Aethra is an excellent album filled with well crafted and memorable songs.

jeudi 31 janvier 2019

Christoph de Babalon - Hectic Shakes (2019)

After rereleasing his works from the nineties in three compilations (heavily recommended) German producer Christoph de Babalon is releasing new music again, like this new four tracks EP Hectic Shakes. And the quality of his dark atmospheric drum'n'bass/jungle (a tag he uses is "gothic jungle", indeed...) is still there!
Excellent old school jungle beats over dark ambient synths, and with de Babalon it works really well. Interesting and good release.

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mardi 29 janvier 2019

Human Humus - The Obligatory Struggle (2017)

Human Humus is a grind band from Slovakia (why do eastern/central Europe produced so many great grind band since the nineties? do they learn grindcore at school?) and The Obligatory Struggle is their latest album (released in 2017). Simple old school grind done right, just how I like it, with good riffing, good drumming, good old school vocals, good songs. All that makes an enjoyable grind album.

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