samedi 16 décembre 2017

Pain Tank - 97,901,726 Confirmed Kills (2017)

97,901,726 Confirmed Kills is the first album from Pain Tank (from Whashington DC). Their metallic hardcore sounds really abrasive and hostile, with a bit of death/grind (more the vocals than the speed, with a singer that does a good job in making you believe he's screaming for his life with a knife on his throat. also the songs are simple and short, going directly to the point) and a bit of noise rock / sludge, for the slower parts, the raw sound and the bass really put forward in the mix. Their music is not very far from the nowadays so trendy blackened hardcore sludge stuff, but somehow (I'd say wih the vocals and the bass mostly, and also the grind attitude) they manage to sound different. Well done and a good listen for when you're pissed off. I'll be following their next releases.

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mercredi 13 décembre 2017

Archspire - Relentless Mutation (2017)

Yes, with this one I dared into territories unusual for me, I'm definitely more used to old school stuff. Yes, we're talking about death metal here. I suppose the cover art made me try this one, and I had a good surprise since the music is as good and crazy as the cover art. Relentless Mutation is the second album from Archspire and it's better on every level than their first one (which was good already), Relentless Mutation is a bit less fast and brutal, but with a better songwriting with more balance between the speed (still hyperblast speed), the brutal groove and the melody. Also there's a greater attention to details, with a more "progressive" result. The melodic guitar parts are more fusion jazz style but never cheesy. The drumming is still very fast but less relentlessly, giving more contrast and diversity to the songs.  But what impress me the most is maybe the excellent flow of the vocalist, especially good in the fast parts. If modern technical death is giving birth to more album of this quality I'd be pleased to give it more of my time. I really found this one surprisingly good and enjoyable.

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dimanche 10 décembre 2017

Godflesh - Post Self (2017)

Post Self is the new strong addition to the Godflesh discography. After a more heavy and with a more metallic sound  one with A World Lit Only By Fire Godflesh is going back to its more usual sound and we even find on Post Self some of its most "ambient" tracks, with the most post-punk feel, especially at the end of the album, while the first tracks are the more guitar heavy ones. I'd say Post Self is a well balanced and good Godflesh album with a distinct atmosphere while staying very faihfull to the Godflesh sound.

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jeudi 7 décembre 2017

Chepang - Dadhelo (2017)

Chepang impressed last year wih their first album, and now, with Dadhelo, on Nerve Altar again,they prove they're not one of those band who cannot equal their first release. Their ferocious modern grind is still of a very high quality and really effective, with a technical twist that put them often closer to Maruta than to Napalm Death, and some bits of chaotic noise hardcore for good measure. Short and condensed tracks with a high impact and enough changes to keep you listening and coming back to it. serious stuff...

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lundi 4 décembre 2017

Trenchgrinder - Peace is Forfeit (2017)

Trenchgrinder got the power of old school metal and you will love it. Peace is Forfeit is their first album (firs demo in 2011), they are from New York, BK, their singer sings also in Anicon (so yes black metal style vocals) and their drummer is also in Skullshiter and Mutant Supremacy. What they do is old school Thrash/death with a Bolt Thrower / war metal groove. And they are really good at it. Epic riffing and powerfull drumming. Good stuff.

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jeudi 30 novembre 2017

Burning Tree - Ossuary Light (2017)

Four years after their excellent Lammergyer album, Norwegian free jazz duo (drums / sax) Burning Tree unleash a new one called Ossuary Light, still wih Utech Records. Another treasure. Their relentless and noisy kind of free jazz is not for everyone's ears but I love it. For people into Dead Neanderthals, the wildest moments of John Zorn's Masada, the latest Coltrane, and actually just anyone who likes extreme sonic assults. That kind of intensity, violent and trippy, fast and deep, is rarely matched.

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samedi 25 novembre 2017

Converge - The Dusk in Us (2017)

Never been that much into metal hardcore but I always enjoyed Converge, they are above the other bands. What about their new album The Dusk in Us ? It's in the vein of the previous one, All We Love We Leave Behind, which is not bad since it was a really good album. As usual there's good fast raging songs (like the two first ones) and also a few longer, slower more melodic ones. two songs this time, I really like the first one The Dusk in Us , whereas I'm less convinced by the other slow one Thousands of Miles Beetween Us. So we have some new additions to their already long list of excellent songs, and overall an enjoyable album. Nothing really new but they stay at their high level of quality.

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