vendredi 9 décembre 2016

Martyrdöd - List (2016)

Martyrdöd is probably the best d-beat / crustpunk (or neo-crust, with its epic and melodic element) band around, at leats since the release of the Paranoia album (in 2012). After Elddop that left me slightly disappointed (although it's a good album actually, but I had high expectations) that are now back in full force with List (still with Southern Lord records), leaving no doubt about how strong they are. If you stay in the crust boundaries you'll have a really hard time doing a better album and I think it could compares to Paranoia. The songs are furious and vibrant with a mercilless pummeling but also lifted by some memorable riffing (with a folk / viking something in the melodies, even evoking bagpipes at times, something I'm not usually that much into but it really works on this album). Highly recommended!

The BC page.

samedi 3 décembre 2016

Narcosatanicos - Body Cult (2016)

Two years after their excellent self-titled debut (read my review HERE) I'm really pleased to hear Narcosatanicos again on their new album called Body Cults. Sounds to me that heir sound and songwriting style evolved a bit, the loose noise psychedelic feel is less overwhelming and I'd say they gained in focus and heaviness wih also more melodies pushed forward, especially sax melodies that reminds at times King Crimson. Their noise rock less drowned into sludge proto-punk noise chaos and reaching more prog / doom territories. But in fact it's more a slight evolution than a radical change and if you liked the first album you will probably like this one as well. A slightly different beast but they kept the originality and quality on the same high. This time again they produced one of the most interesting album of the year. Highly recommended!

The Bandcamp page.

jeudi 1 décembre 2016

James Leg - Blood on the Keys (2015)

John Wesley Myers was the keyboard / vocals half of The excellent Black Diamond Heavies. He's now playing a similar kind of music in solo as James Leg. His third album Blood on the Keys is maybe not as good as Below the Belt was, but still unique, very good  and enjoyable. The music is stripped down garage rock. stripped down to the point there's no guitars! and it does not even feel less rocking at all! Just drums, vocals, and rhodes piano. Rocking and doing it with a lot of groove, and also with a kind of Tom Waits boogie style, and some old school soul / rhythm & blues feel. He really avoids sounding like the others garage rock bands while keeping very pure the essence of raw rock music.

samedi 26 novembre 2016

Chepang - Lathi Charge (2016)

Chepang is a newcomer on the grind scene, they are New Yorkers from Nepal and Lathi Charge is their first album (10 minutes of music but this is grindcore so we could say it's an album isn't it?). And it's a very good one. They include elements of old school grind but overall they are on the modern side of grind, with technical riffing a bit like Maruta, and they also have some Suffocation style death metal elements. This mix makes an original and fresh sounding result. Among the more interesting recent grind releases, and a new band I will follow with interest.  

Their BC page

samedi 19 novembre 2016

Council Estate Electronics - Arktika (2016)

Council Estate Electronics is one of the project of Justin K. Broadrick, here in duo with Diarmuid Dalton. Their new album, Arktika, is the third one, and I think the best. The music is ambient electonics / industrial dub. While the first two were ok but a bit too ambient too my taste (let's say it, a bit boring actually), I think the new one is great : heavier, more rhythmic, which brings more diversity, and also the melodic elements, always subtle, are more presents, which also helps making the music more "multi-dimensionnal".  Arktika manage to sound at the same time quiet and slightly menacing. First half of the album is best but overall it's great stuff!

The Bandcamp page.

mercredi 16 novembre 2016

Gouge - Beyond Death (2015)

If you like old school death metal and thrash metal this one is not to be missed. Gouge is a Norwegian band playing some thrash / death that sounds like when thrash was turning into death metal. So it's between early death metal (like stuff from Paul Speckman for exemple) and early Slayer (Reign in Blood) or even early Sepultura as well. Fast, raw, death metal vocals, some blast beats and an aggressive thrash metal vibe. All that makes their album, Beyond Death, released last year on Hells Headbanger, a very enjoyable album, especially if you're fond of the early extreme metal era it evokes (I am!).

The Bandcamp page.

samedi 12 novembre 2016

Beastwars - The Death of All Things (2016)

Beastwars, from New Zealand, is simply put the best you can find in "traditionnal meets modern" heavy metal. Their third album The Death of All Things, following two excellent ones, is another testimony of it. In their songs the epic feel and classic songwriting of old school heavy metal meets the heavier and rawer side of modern doom metal. And there's also elements that reminds the heavier and more rooted in heavy metal grunge bands (think Alice in Chains and Soundgarden). The music can appeal to a wide range of people and I really recommend it to everyone into heavy music.

The Bandcamp page.