mercredi 11 octobre 2017

Ingurgitating Oblivion - Vision Wallows in Symphonies of Light (2017)

I'm usually not that much in this kind of stuff and that's why I'm only now discovering Ingurgitating Oblivion, from Germany, with their third album Vision Wallows in Symphonies of Light (on Willotip records). But I'm really glad I discovered it since this album is surprising and very enjoyable. We could say they play some kind of "progressive" death metal, with the more death metal elements, like on the first track, reminding a bit Ulcerate but with less density, more breathing space and melody, while they also includes some fusion jazz guitar playing, vibraphones and piano parts on their more progressive moments. And they do it without sounding ever cheesy, nor boring, it really adds another dimension to the music, an uncanny feel and epicness. Highly recommended!

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samedi 7 octobre 2017

Unsane - Sterelize (2017)

Unsane's 8th album, Sterilize sounds like a continuation of their previous ones, and is maybe even slightly better, which means it's really good and worthy of many many listen. All the typical Unsane elements are here and used to full effects, the very strong rhythmic section with heavy bass sound, those crawling serpentine riffs, and the anguished vocals. Don't really know what to add, it's Unsane... enough said...

dimanche 1 octobre 2017

Howls of Ebb / Khtoniiks Cerviiks (split 2017)

Howls of Ebb and Khtoniiks Cerviiks are easily among the best, more interesting and innovative recent death metal bands (their latest albums were on my favourite albums list for last year). So obviously this split beetween the two of them is more than welcome. It had to be done. and it does not disappoint. It brings the expected amount of chaotic free Deiphago meets Voivoid death metal madness highs. Excellency in expectedly unexpected forms. It's not just higly recommended it's mandatory.

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mardi 26 septembre 2017

Blame God - Strategically Confined (cs 2017)

Strategically Confined is a ten minutes cassette and the second release from the US grind band Blame God. Strategically Confined is not just really good, it's near perfect. The fast grind / crust parts are killer, high impact stuff, with great vocals and riffing and especially good drumming, while the slower parts are very good as well with some noise / feedback loving guitar playing that is really nice, reminding a bit some Napalm Death or even Godflesh stuff.  It's without any doubt one of the major grind release of the year and I'm impatient to hear more from Blame God (I'm not listening Strategically confinded each day, but several times a day during last weeks). Highly recommended!

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samedi 16 septembre 2017

Our Solar System - In Time (2016)

In Time is the third album from the Swedish prog/fusion/psych rock band Our Solar System, and I'd say it's their best. Two 20 minutes long tracks, mostly instrumental, different each from the other and both good. The first one, my favourite, is mostly sax and piano driven for the melodies, the sax playing a leading role, not just solos here and there. In the second track the guitar is the main melodic element. The album is of the quiet psychedelic kind, not buried under cosmic effects allover, but trippy anyway and the atmosphere created and the melodies are really enjoyable and not already heard countless times.  Good stuff.

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mardi 12 septembre 2017

Earthgrave - The Verge of Human Abyss (2017)

Seems this one went largely unnoticed bu i's a pity because his first album, The Verge of Human Abyss, from he German band Earthgrave is an excellent one. No originality to be found here but they do very well all that we like in sludge. They remind Crowbar but I'd say rawer and dirtier, less polished, wih the hardcore parts more hardcore and vocals closer to death metal. They master the sludge groove and flow from dirty doom to crushing hardcore nicely, making it a very enjoyable album. Ah the simple pleasures of life!

The Bandcamp page.

samedi 9 septembre 2017

Broken English Club - The English Beach (2017)

Broken English Club's English Beach is not about holiday in Brighton, no, i's about Dungeness, a desertic place and the site of nuclear power stations. Knowing that it's no surprise he music is not made for beach parties and dancefloors. It's somewhere beetween EBM and industrial techno and it's a great exemple of how industrial music can blur the line beetween groovy and grim with it's bleak atmospheres with dark synth melodies and the cold heavy industrial beats. Very good stuff.

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