jeudi 17 mai 2018

Dylan Carlson - Conquistador (2018)

Conquistador is a solo album from Dylan Carlson, the guitarist/composer of Earth and, guess what, it sounds like... the guitars parts from Earth! No surprise at all then, but it's ok since it is so good. The atmospheres created by these five instrumental guitar tracks have a kind of "dark western" feel that reminds earth's Hex album. One of my favourite so that's good. If you like Earth you'll enjoy this album, if you don't know Earth, well, you really should know Earth you know...

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dimanche 13 mai 2018

Peristaltic Movement - Anomalies Museum (2017)

Peristaltic Movement is a Brazilian death metal band and Anomalies Museum is their excellent first album.It is modern, quite brutal and quite technical death metal, but with also a strong Cannibal Corpse influence (the vocal lines, the drumming, the groove), and it's not a problem since they're making a good use of it and the ensemble has a good balance between old and new school. A powerfull and very enjoyable debut album.

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vendredi 11 mai 2018

Abjection Ritual - Soul of Ruin, Body of Filth (2018)

Abjection Ritual had released good death industrial/power electronics albums, but with the new one, Soul of Ruin, Body of Filth, released by Malignant Records, they added some guitars and drums and it's a really successfull evolution for their music, bringing it another dimension, taking it to a new level. Their new metal elements reminds Neurosis, Godflesh, and it's as well done as the death industrial/Power electronics parts that are still theere and the whole is just awesome, with also a fine use of a bit of melody surfacing over the dark heaviness. I think it's among the very best and most interesting albums released this year so far. Highly recommended!

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mercredi 9 mai 2018

Warfuck - This Was Supposed to Be Fun (2018)

This Was Supposed to Be Fun is the third album from French grind duo Warfuck in which they carry on with their modern grindcore. One thing I think they could improve is the hardcore/crust vocals that I think are too monotonous, but otherwise they're doing a really good job on those fifteen short tracks, with an intensity that is not at the expense of diversity in rhythm and riffing. A well done and enjoyable album.

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vendredi 4 mai 2018

Restive Plaggona - Leaving the Body (2017)

Restive Plaggona (Dimitris Doukas) is quickly building an impressive discography. Among its recent releases I especially like this album, Leaving the Body, another finely crafted piece of music bringing tohether elements of industrial, techno and dark ambient, with discreet synth melodies and evocative atmospheres. Each of the seven tracks being different and interesting, offering an evolving and immersive listening experience. Recommended!

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lundi 30 avril 2018

B.Abuse - Memories of Better Days are Gone (2018)

Memories of Better Days are Gone, released by rising label Wooaargh is the third album of German trio b.abuse. And it's an excellent one (they went further away from post-hardcore clichés and get more personnal, successfully), some surprising and nicely crafted "progressive crust" (or post-crust) that could remind Neurosis, Amebix or The Ex (spoken words ans sax included). Every songs brings surprises and different elements, while maintaining a cohesive atmosphere throughout the album. Recommended stuff !

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samedi 28 avril 2018

Bifid Corpse - Enter the Corpse (2018)

Enter the Corpse is the second release from Chicagoan Bifid Corpse. After a power electronics sounding first track what you get is some gross old school deathgrind, with a very raw production that fits very well the good riffing and blast/d-beats. An everyday listen for me since I discovered it a few days ago. This is really good stuff. Enjoy!

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