samedi 13 juillet 2019

DJ Speedsick - Nothing Lasts (2019)

DJ Speedsick is from USA's Midwest but this album released earlier this year, Nothing Lasts, reminds me a bit the French hardcore techno scene in the nineties. Old School hardcore techno with a feel of dirt and danger, music for wild raves in warehouses (or fields/forest in the middle of nowhere). It's excellent.

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lundi 8 juillet 2019

Beton / Roxor - Split LP (2018)

This is a split (released lats year) from two bands from Slovakia, playing what could be called death'n'roll or dis-entombed. Beton (I reviewed their first album a few years ago HERE) are more on the old school Swedish death metal side whereas Roxor have a stronger Mororhead/Discharge feel but both bands sits where cruties and old school metalheads meets, and both speaks fluently that language. Cool stuff.

The Beton side

The Roxor side

mardi 2 juillet 2019

The Flying Luttenbachers - Shattered Dimension (2019)

The Flying Luttenbachers is a band from New York formed around avant-garde drummer Weasel walter, with also saxophonist Matt Nelson (GRID, Elder Ones), bass guitarist Tim Dahl (Child Abuse, Lydia Lunch) and guitarist Brandon Seabrook. What they play could be described as no-wave/free-jazz/noisegrind or as chaos unleashed. Won't be for everybody but if you like the hardest of John Zorn music, or bands like Sissy Spacek or Sete Star Sept, then you probably will like it. Anyway it's really good so I recommend it, will you dare trying it?

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dimanche 30 juin 2019

Bifid Corpse - Consuming Death (2019)

Consuming Death the new Bifid Corpse release (digital only this one so far) it's just four short traks but like their previous ones it's just so good. Death/grind at its finest, with a monsttruous dirty groove. Heavily recommended stuff. It's definitely time for an album guys!

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vendredi 28 juin 2019

JK Flesh - In Your Pit (EP 2019)

JK Flesh is the alias of Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu, etc.) for releasing his techno music, yes techno, but it's Justin Broadrick and you can expect heavy, menacing industrial techno, like in his new EP In Your Pit, four tracks (including a good remix from his friend Kevin Martin aka The Bug, who is also releasing the EP on his Pressure label). Quality stuff as usual.

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lundi 24 juin 2019

G.L.O.S.S - Girls Living Outside Of Society's Shit demo (2015) + Trans day of revenge (2016)

OK those two release (a demo tape and an EP) were released in 2015 and 2016, and now G.L.O.S.S doesn't exists anymore, but this was one of the very best recent old school hardcore band, so I just had to post about it. If you like hardcore don't sleep on this...

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dimanche 23 juin 2019

Hold Me Down - st (EP 2019)

It's been a long time I haven't been as excited by some industrial metal, this first self titled release (a tape released by Sentient Ruin Laboratories) from Hold Me Down (with a guy from AMERICAN, also on Sentient Ruin) is really good. It reminds me of Ministry and NIN from the nineties, but with also some power electronics to make it even harder. If you like this kind of stuff I see absolutely no reason you wouldn't really enjoy Hold Me Down. Mechanical machine drums beats and guitars, screaming, and harsh noise. Done the way it should be and with impressive result. My only "complain" is that I want more. Looking forward to listen to an album from them.

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