dimanche 17 octobre 2021

ZillaKami - Dog Boy (2021)

Intended to review a City Morgue album for a while, but the last album of the trap duo Toxic Boogaloo was a bit disappointing (was ok but not as good as As Good As  Dead) and it seems a new City Morgue album is gonna drop soon (called Bottom of the Barrel). So for now I'm reviewing the solo album of one og the City Morgue member, ZillaKami, the most versatile vocalist of the two and he also seems to be the most creative element of the duo, rapping, singing and producing. His first album Dogboy is an excellent exercise in trap metal, with tracks going from aggressive to depressive, the first ones with riffs the could reminds Slipknot (the quick intro featuring Corey Taylor is not here by chance) and the others with riffs more in a Deftone and grunge vein and with more melodic vocals. This rap/metal mix have sometimes produced atrocious results but KillaKami is really good to make it work and Dogboy will probably stay as one of the best trap/hip-hop album of the year. Recommended stuff.

mercredi 13 octobre 2021

Fuck On The Beach / Endless Swarm - split 7'' (2020)

This split 7'' bring together two good powerviolence/grind band, the Japanese Fuck On The Beach whom I discover, with pleasure, and Endless Swarm from Scotland whom I follow since some years now (I reviewed their latest album HERE). This is old school and relentless goodness, no surprise it's been released (last year) by To Live A Lie Records. 

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vendredi 8 octobre 2021

Dope Purple - Grateful End (2021)


Dope Purple is a new psych rock band from Taiwan and their first album Grateful End is released by two interesting labels, Riot Seasons and VW Sorcerer Productions. It's combining more trippy moments, including some heavy blues riffing that could remind Led Zeppelin's Dazed and Confused, and more rocking wild and noisy parts that reminds Acid Mothers Temple. Strong stuff.

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lundi 4 octobre 2021

Ruin - Spread Plague Death (2021)


Spread Plague Death is the third album from Ruin, and they keep on delivering especially filthy and raw old school death metal, with a groove that could remind Repulsion and Autopsy, but also Mortician. I'd say their first album (reviewed HERE) is still their best, but this one's enjoyable as well.

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jeudi 30 septembre 2021

Botanist / Thief - EP0 Cicatrix / Diamond Brush (split 2021)


EP0 Cicatrix / Diamond Brush is a strange split with two strange musical entities, what they have in common is that both are mostly one-man projects, and also that the one doing Thief have been a live musician for Botanist. But both are really different. Botanist is floral themed black metal with only drums, vocals, and hammered dulcimer, unique and excellent, while Thief is more electronic music oriented with elements of synthwave, bits of trap metal and hip-hop, and choirs and spoken words that could remind Zeal and Ardor. For the first time with live drums and guitars in this split. A mix a bit disturbing at first but don't run, the result is actually very good.


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lundi 27 septembre 2021

Torn Relics - Burning Injustice (2021)

Torn Relics have a new album out, this time released by the excellent label Instruments of Discipline, a good match. The album's called Burning Injustice. First half of the album is in line with their previous work (I reviewed HERE their previous album), mostly some classy dark ambient with violin and percussions and a few subtle techno beats. Then they bring some new elements, the most spectacular being the synthwave with vocals track "Disguise", an excellent song and a good surprise, then for the second half of the album  their sound is getting harder going in an industrial techno direction, good as well, done with their usual sophistication and good taste. So it's a successful second album (and third release), keeping strong their basics while adding new elements to make their music even more interesting. Recommended stuff.

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mercredi 22 septembre 2021

Repugnant - Demo (2014)

I discovered this band called Repugnant from the Philippines with this 2014 demo, but they have also three more recent releases which are good as well (one in 2015 and two in 2017). They play some old school grindpunk, suitably raw and wild. Repugnant is a delight!

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