jeudi 17 octobre 2019

Deiphago - I, The Devil (2019)

Even more than with the previous one there's so much going on and it's so intense in this new Deiphago album, I, The Devil, that it took me some time to appreciate it. But I now understand it's another masterpiece. Their "war metal" style black/death hybrid is not only more brutal and intense than what others are doing, but they also have a more daring and complex songwriting. We could call it "technical war metal" but actually it has more a kind of "free war metal" feel. They are this time again in their own dimension, and it's inspired, inspiring and brilliant.

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lundi 14 octobre 2019

Ten Thousand Miles of Arteries - Survival Bloom (2019)

Survival Bloom is the second album from Ten Thousand Miles of Arteries (Noah Lane Coleman), also on ANNIHILVS POWER ELECTRONIX. First one was excellent, this second one is confirming how good this guy is for making power electronics / industrial music. This new album is a bit more minimalistic, and with good results.  I also like the fine use of scrap metal noise. Highly recommended.

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jeudi 10 octobre 2019

Tomb Mold - Planetary Clairvoyance (2019)

Tomb Mold are back with this third album called Planetary Clairvoyance, as any good old school death metal band they have the nice riffs and the groove, but that also have some good songwriting twist bringing something more interesting in every song. Like in their previous album they get a bit less raw and develops a slightly "progressive" element to their songs, and more melodic lead guitar parts, while staying in the old school DM territory. Not my favourite album from them I'd say to be honest (time will tell if that change later), but still really good stuff, easily above your average DM band.

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mardi 8 octobre 2019

Endless Swarm - Imprisoned in Skin (2018)

Imprisoned In Skin is the fourth album from the Scottish band Endless Swarm. I'll be as straight to the point as their music is : this is excellent powerviolence/fastcore/grind. If you're into this kind of stuff you will like it, because it's good.

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samedi 5 octobre 2019

Lightning Bolt - Sonic Citadel (2019)

Sonic Citadel, the seventh album (again with Thrill Jockey Records) from the drum/bass guitars duo Lightning Bolt is roughly in the same vein as the previous one Fantasy Empire, and that's fine because it's also very good. Their noise rock with a kind of free rock feel is as intense as usual, with the spectacular drumming,  the loud bass guitars and  screams, but also some good melodies and adventurous and inspired songwriting. Another very strong and enjoyable album.

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mercredi 2 octobre 2019

No One Knows What The Dead Think - ST (2019)

With No One Knows What The Dead Think (the name of the band and the self titled first album) two third of Discordance Axis (Rob Marton, guitars and Jon Chang, vocals, joined by Kyosuke Nakano who is doing a really good job with the drums) are making an impressive come back. Sounding like a slightly more polished version of Discordance Axis this is modern grind/hardcore at its best, fast, technical, but also catchy and memorable grind songs (10 songs in 20 minutes). In a few months when everyone on the internet will be making "best of the year lists", this album (released by the really good Willotip records) will be in the list of everyone into grind (but not only), probably often in first place, and it will be deserved.

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lundi 30 septembre 2019

DREAD - In Dub (2017)

This album called In Dub is actually the second "dub" release from Lustmord, but it's been released (in 2017) under the name of DREAD, maybe because it's goes further into dub territory than the first one (also good, but more industrial and closer to the usual Lustmord sound, a bit like Lusmord with some dub beats). I don't listen to a lot of dark ambient because I often find the lack of a rhythmic backbone frustrating, and Lustmord usual work is no exception for me, but with the addition of beats, and I really like the dub beats so it's even cooler, then it is solved and the result is great. In Dub has the slow motion dark feel that you would expect from Lustmord but it's also really a dub album, not just dub beats over industrial/dark ambient music, there's some (dark) melodic themes, a bit of vocals, a bit of guitars, and the omnipresent bass heavy sound. Whether you like Lustmord doesn't matters, what we have here is a great dark dub album.

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vendredi 27 septembre 2019

Skullshitter / Bleeding Out - Split (2019)

This split album between Skullshitter (from NY) and Bleeding Out (from Toronto, this is their first release but it's composed of experienced musicians, ex-Endless Blockade, Column of Heaven, Abyss, Fuck the Facts) is a feverish dream for death/grind freaks. No wonder it's released by the mighty Nerve Altar Records. Both bands are on the old-school Repulsion school of death/grind, with Skullshitter more on the Repulsion/Autposy old schoo death-metal side ( and is maybe more wild and impredictable) while Bleeding out is punkier and would reminds more Repulsion and Extreme Noise Terror, and also focus more on the groove I'd say. Anyway both are awesome at what they do and this is a must have split album. I love it. This is worthy of Skullshitter excellent previous releases and Bleeding Out are making a perfect start.

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mercredi 25 septembre 2019

Mike Patton & Jean-Luc Vannier - Corpse Flower (2019)

I place Corpse Flower, a collaboration with French composer Jean-Luc Vannier (who worked with Serge Gainsbourg and other well known French singers), among the albums of Mike Patton that matters most. The songs are exquisitely written and arranged and offers the best musical environment for Mike Patton to show once again how good a singer he is. One of the very best for sure and maybe the most interesting to follow. When "pop rock"(with many elements including traditionnal French music, violins, swing/jazz, rock, etc.) is as sophisticated and classy, as nicely done, with such freshness and inventivity (and the slight subtly weird and disturbing touch we are accustomed to with Patton!), then everyone can love it (grind and noise freaks like me included). Corpse flower is one of those instant classic that sounds better at each listen (and since I discovered it it became a daily listen for me). This is not "just" "album of the year" material, but another timeless classic in Mike Patton discography. Can't be recommended too much, try it you won't regret.

The Bandcamp page.

samedi 21 septembre 2019

Shock Narcotic - I've Seen the Future and It Doesn't Work (2019)

Shock Narcotic is a new grindcore band based in Detroit with Jeff Tuttle (ex-Dillinger Escape Plan, Old Gods), Shawn Knight (Child Bite), Don Slater (Battlecross) et Zach Gibson (The Black Dahlia Murder), I've Seen the Future and It Doesn't Work is their first album (released by Housecore records). I don't know very well the other bands of the members but I assume they don't sound like Shock Narcotic a lot since Shock Narcotic sounds a lot like Napalm Death. But don't think it is just "traditional grind" because it also often reminds Napalm Death when they're in an experimenting mood (including what they did in the nineties, which is ok for me). The album is very well crafted, enjoyable and interesting grind. Napalm Death worshiping, OK, but done very well and in a smart way. They won't win any originality contest but it's still one of the best grindcore album of the year anyway.

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jeudi 19 septembre 2019

Cloud Rat - Pollinator & Do Not Let Me Off the Cliff EP (2019)

 Cloud Rat is releasing a new album called Pollinator, coming with a bonus EP called Do Not Let Me Off the Cliff. This time their experiment with more melodic or post-punk parts are concentrated on the bonus EP which is not hardcore at all whereas the album, Pollinator, is Cloud Rat at their most aggressive. Problem is this way the album is more "monochrome" more predictable, so I prefer their previous ones. Still once again their super fierce hardcore is extremely well crafted and it well could be the best hardcore album this year.
 What about the EP? It is more diverse than the album, going from neofolk to new-wave and dark ambient, with melodic singing only, but also it is more inequal in quality, some parts are very good and interesting, while some others are less memorable.
I'd like them to keep on creating non hardcore music, I'm curious to hear where it could lead them since there are promising elements in Do Not Let Me Off the Cliff,  but also I'd' like that next time they inject more experiment and diversity in their hardcore songs.

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vendredi 13 septembre 2019

rDEVICE - Rebirth (2019)

Rebirth is four tracks of good quality techno from rDEVICE (Riccardo Di Vizio), released on Blattodea Records (Italian label releasing industrial techno and power electronics music).
What we have here is powerful hardcore beats over industrial noises, with also maybe an acid flavour. Well crafted hardcore/industrial techno with a distinct personality. Good stuff.

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mercredi 11 septembre 2019

Screamer - Highway of Heroes (2019)

Sometimes a bit of traditional heavy metal is like refreshing. Here's some from Screamer (from Sweden), and a new album (their fourth) called Highway of heroes. Their main influence sounds to be old Judas Priest, and they're good at playing this kind of metal. Of course this is often a bit cheesy, and sometimes bordering bad taste as much as genius at the same time, but hey let's face it, heavy metal always have been a kind of "guilty pleasure" anyway, isn't it? Just enjoy it... hold your virtual sword, ride into the wind, no thinking no regret! Have fun.

The Bandcamp page.

jeudi 5 septembre 2019

Visceral Disgorge - Slithering Evisceration (2019)

Need your fresh dose of brutal death metal? Then I have a treat for you! The new Visceral Disgorge, called Slithering Evisceration, eight years after their first one has everything you will like. It's clear those eight years were not wasted because the new one beats the old. Dense and straight to the point at the same time thanks to the good songwriting, technical enough (the drumming especially), some slam but not too much, good riffing and a good brutal groove. They do the job expertly. Good stuff!

The Bandcamp page.

mardi 3 septembre 2019

No Balls / Blank Veins - split (2016)

This is an awesome split with two bands influenced by the Brainbombs kind of noise rock, trumpet (for No Balls) and sax (for Blank Veins) included. No Balls even features half members of Brainbombs.
The No Balls tracks are more repetitive (not in a bad way) and are more brutally industrial, whereas the Blank Veins tracks have more diversity, sometimes a bit melodic, sometimes more chaotic and noisy.
Both side of the split are really excellent.

samedi 31 août 2019

Endorphins Lost - Seclusions (2019)

Last time I wrote about Endorphins Lost was when I reviewed their split with the excellent OSK, now they're back with an album, called Seclusions, and it's really good. They play some fastcore/grind, with a bit of sludge sometimes. It really sounds pissed off and has enough variety to keep your attention (too often in hardcore/grind the songs sounds a bit like blurred each into the others but they avoid that).
Good stuff.

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mercredi 28 août 2019

John Zorn - The Hierophant (2019)

This is a piano, bass, drums trio album, but, composed by John Zorn and played by Brian Marsella (piano), Trevor Dunn (bass) and Kenny Wollesen (drums), The Hierophant is not your usual chamber music. The nine tracks, each one inspired by one tarot card, shows many different facets and moods, it's quite melodic and there are quiet moments yes, but coming with the expected (from these guys!) additional intensity and expertly controlled craziness. This is a truly superb and moving album. Highly recommended!

The Tzadik page.

dimanche 25 août 2019

Uniform & The Body - Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back (2019)

Uniform. The Body. A second collaborative album even better than the first one. Still on Sacred Bones Records. Do I really need to say more? One of the essentials listens of the year for anyone into industrial music (or a really good one to get into industrial music). Heavily recommended.

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mercredi 21 août 2019

Blame God - Power and Control (2019)

Power and Control is the third release from Blame God. Their second one, Strategically Confined made a big impression on me two years ago (read my review HERE) and this one's also very good. The fast riffs are nicely vicious and the mid tempo/slower parts have a big heavy groove giving to this release a more death metal feel (think bands like Immolation or Incantation maybe) than the previous had (and why not?). Blame God is definitely one of the new grind band you to follow. Now time for an album guys! I'm really looking forward to it!

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dimanche 18 août 2019

Pissgrave - Posthumous Humiliation (2019)

I'm back, and with maximum barbaric brutality with the second Pissgrave album, Posthumous Humiliation. I could just let you have a look at the artwork because it could be enough, it really gives a good idea of how the album sounds and what it's about. But I'll still say you can expect the most violent and relentless death/war metal and that the band from Philadelphia really did a good job at doing an album so intense it's fascinating. Posthumous Humiliation will definitely stand as one of the best, most mercilessly dirty and brutal  and most memorable death metal album of the year.

The Bandcamp page.

mercredi 31 juillet 2019

Lingua Ignota - Caligula (2019)

To be honest first time I listened to Lingua Ignota I wasn't impressed, but I think it was mostly because I was expecting something else. Then I saw her open a show with Author & Punisher, and the show made a huge impression on me, it was so intense! believe me, you NEED to witness a Lingua Ignota show in your life. After the show I listened to her music again and this time liked it immediately, just needed to be in the right mood... And now the new album Caligula, it's still mostly piano and harsh noise, operatic singing and screaming, on Caligula it's more piano less industrial, but same intensity. Unique and awesome.
Highly recommended.

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samedi 27 juillet 2019

The Lowest Form - Personal Space (2016)

Why the fuck did it take me three years to review this one? since three years I intend to do it but one thing after another prevented me from doing it sooner, you how it can happen... But don't think this is an average album, it's an excellent one. The Lowest Form is an hardcore band from the UK and Personal Space their second release is filled with some nasty drenched in feedback and noise hardcore. Music truly sounding from the guts and going diretly to your guts through your bleeding ears and disoriented mind.
Highly recommended!

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jeudi 25 juillet 2019

Black Mountain - Destroyer (2019)

Destroyer, Black Mountain's fifth album (I liked them since their first, you should check their whole discography) is maybe their more "heavy metal" one, a kind of neo proto heavy metal crossed with space rock and stoner, think a mix of Black Sabbath (maybe in its Never Say Die incarnation), Hawkwind and Blue Oyster Cult. Black Mountain at their most heavy, epic and progressive. An excellent album with memorable songs, including a good ending with a nice David Bowie tribute (not a cover but indoubitably a tribute). Recommended!

The Bandcamp page.

mardi 23 juillet 2019

Birdflesh - Extreme Graveyard Tornado (2019)

Extreme Graveyard Tornado is Birdflesh's fifth album. They are playing this Repulsion style deathgrind since the early nineties and it's clear they know very well how to do it, with catchy riffing and good grooves. Their first release since their very good split with Organ Dealer and another very enjoyable piece of deathgrind.

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samedi 13 juillet 2019

DJ Speedsick - Nothing Lasts (2019)

DJ Speedsick is from USA's Midwest but this album released earlier this year, Nothing Lasts, reminds me a bit the French hardcore techno scene in the nineties. Old School hardcore techno with a feel of dirt and danger, music for wild raves in warehouses (or fields/forest in the middle of nowhere). It's excellent.

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lundi 8 juillet 2019

Beton / Roxor - Split LP (2018)

This is a split (released lats year) from two bands from Slovakia, playing what could be called death'n'roll or dis-entombed. Beton (I reviewed their first album a few years ago HERE) are more on the old school Swedish death metal side whereas Roxor have a stronger Mororhead/Discharge feel but both bands sits where cruties and old school metalheads meets, and both speaks fluently that language. Cool stuff.

The Beton side

The Roxor side

mardi 2 juillet 2019

The Flying Luttenbachers - Shattered Dimension (2019)

The Flying Luttenbachers is a band from New York formed around avant-garde drummer Weasel walter, with also saxophonist Matt Nelson (GRID, Elder Ones), bass guitarist Tim Dahl (Child Abuse, Lydia Lunch) and guitarist Brandon Seabrook. What they play could be described as no-wave/free-jazz/noisegrind or as chaos unleashed. Won't be for everybody but if you like the hardest of John Zorn music, or bands like Sissy Spacek or Sete Star Sept, then you probably will like it. Anyway it's really good so I recommend it, will you dare trying it?

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dimanche 30 juin 2019

Bifid Corpse - Consuming Death (2019)

Consuming Death the new Bifid Corpse release (digital only this one so far) it's just four short traks but like their previous ones it's just so good. Death/grind at its finest, with a monsttruous dirty groove. Heavily recommended stuff. It's definitely time for an album guys!

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vendredi 28 juin 2019

JK Flesh - In Your Pit (EP 2019)

JK Flesh is the alias of Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu, etc.) for releasing his techno music, yes techno, but it's Justin Broadrick and you can expect heavy, menacing industrial techno, like in his new EP In Your Pit, four tracks (including a good remix from his friend Kevin Martin aka The Bug, who is also releasing the EP on his Pressure label). Quality stuff as usual.

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lundi 24 juin 2019

G.L.O.S.S - Girls Living Outside Of Society's Shit demo (2015) + Trans day of revenge (2016)

OK those two release (a demo tape and an EP) were released in 2015 and 2016, and now G.L.O.S.S doesn't exists anymore, but this was one of the very best recent old school hardcore band, so I just had to post about it. If you like hardcore don't sleep on this...

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dimanche 23 juin 2019

Hold Me Down - st (EP 2019)

It's been a long time I haven't been as excited by some industrial metal, this first self titled release (a tape released by Sentient Ruin Laboratories) from Hold Me Down (with a guy from AMERICAN, also on Sentient Ruin) is really good. It reminds me of Ministry and NIN from the nineties, but with also some power electronics to make it even harder. If you like this kind of stuff I see absolutely no reason you wouldn't really enjoy Hold Me Down. Mechanical machine drums beats and guitars, screaming, and harsh noise. Done the way it should be and with impressive result. My only "complain" is that I want more. Looking forward to listen to an album from them.

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jeudi 20 juin 2019

Full of Hell - Weeping Choir (2019)

Full of Hell were among the bands that set the trend in today's hardcore to add  more violence with elements from extreme metal and noise. with their new album, Weeping Choir, their first one with Relapse records, they are making sure no doubt is left they are also among the best and fiercest doing that mix. Wepping Choir is probably their most brutal album, where the hrash noise parts feels like they are the quiet moments. easily one of the most striking hardcore/metal album of the year so far.

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mercredi 19 juin 2019

Lovely Wife | Snakes Don't Belong in Alaska - split (2018)

Newcastle is maybe UK's capital of psychedelic heavy rock and this split between Lovely Wife and Snakes Don't Belong in Alaska is another proof. On their track LW are more on a drone/noise exploration whereas SDBIA on their two tracks are a bit more melodic (for the guitars and the vocals) and dynamic. Both are deep in the heavy psych stoner sound and takes you on a nice trip. Good stuff.

The Bandcamp page.

mardi 4 juin 2019

Progress of Inhumanity - Rotating Misery (2019)

Third album from the Greek crust/grinders Progress of Inhumanity, six year after the previous one (HERE is the review I did back then, with also the interview we did by mail). Rotating Misery is a nice piece of tightly and efficiently executed grind/punk, no originality but they do it right.

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mercredi 29 mai 2019

Obscuring Veil - Fleshvoid to Naught (2019)

Truly nightmarish. The word that imposes itself when listening to this first Obscuring Veil album Fleshvoid to Naught is : nightmarish. Then brilliant, psychedelic, beautifull in its twisted way. And this is what could be expected from the musicians that gathered to do this : Matron Thorn on guitars/vocals (Ævangelist, Præternatura, Benighted in Sodom, Devil Worshipper), H.V. Lyngdal on bass (Wormlust, Martröð, Guðveiki), Mories on keyboards and synths ( Gnaw Their Tongues, Cloak of Altering, De Magia Veterum, Aderlating), Jarle Byberg on drums (Urgehal, ex-Craft), and Kabukimono on voices. it's also fitting that it's released on I, Voidhanger records.
This mix of black metal, dark ambient and free jazz (somewhat) is no doubt one of the most interesting album to be released this year. Highly recommended.

The Bandcamp page.

mercredi 22 mai 2019

meth. - I Love You (2018)

I Love You is the second short release from this Chicago sextet called meth. They play some relentless, super intense and a bit chaotic hardcore, with a bit of noise added (many bands are doing that nowadays but that's not a bad thing). It sound like somewhere between Converge and Gaza.  It's good but only five short tracks, a longer release would be welcome now!

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dimanche 19 mai 2019

Dälek - Respect to the Authors EP (2019)

Respect to the Authors is the new Dälek release (on Exile on Mainstream records), a six tracks EP. It provides a nice sample of their trademark sound, old school MCing and beats over some shoegaze / indus / noise atmospheres, with some moments more strong on the groove and rhythm (especially the really good title track) and some others more on the nostalgic atmopsheric side. Nothing surprising if you know them, but really good stuff as usual.

Dalek's Deaverse website page.

vendredi 17 mai 2019

Intensive Care - Incinerated - Split EP (2019)

Another awesome release from Nerve Altar Records. It's a split between Intensive Care (from Toronto, with an ex-Column of Heaven) and Incinerated (from Melbourne). Great track from Intensive Care, somewhere between Godflesh and Obituary, with a massive groove (close to a hip-hop feel at times!), the four tracks from Incinerated (I discover them with this release and sure will check their discography) are excellent death/grind, also with a lot of groove.
Overall it makes a really interesting and enjoyable release, I dare you to resist playing it again when it ends !

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mardi 14 mai 2019

Ulthar - Cosmovore (2018)

Cosmovore, released last yera by 20 Buck Spin is Ulthar's first album the band from California (featuring Vastum guitarist) delivers a death metal firmly rooted in the old school but with also a weirdness that remind sme Voivod, fitting well the lovecraftian inspiration. I you like OSDM but want something different this album will be a good pick. I would have liked a stronger dose of bizarre, but it's good like it is anyway.

The Bandcamp page.

jeudi 9 mai 2019

Amygdala - Our Voice Will Soar Forever (2019)

Our Voice Will Soar Forever is the second album for Amygdala (after a demo) and the quality and intensity is maintained on a very high level, with another impressive performance from their vocalist (and again good lyrics too). It confirms they are among the very best current hardcore bands. They just sound more real and intense.

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samedi 4 mai 2019

Turbohaler - Metal Vessel Music (2019)

Turbohaler is a noisegrind duo (drums, guitar, vocals sometimes and noise), and they released an excellent cassette called Metal Vessel Music with the awesome Utech Records. They mention Napalm Death and Boredoms as influences but I'd add it reminds me also of Dead Neanderthals or a more savage Brainbombs. Wether you're into noisegrind, noise or the hardest free jazz, and even more if you like all that, you will love it. Really intense and strong stuff. I'm already waiting for their next release.

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mardi 23 avril 2019

Sacramence - Cremations (2017)

Sacramence is a duo from the US that evolved from black metal in their first releases to industrial music nowadays, Cremations is their second album, released in 2017, and it's an excellent mix of rythmic noise/industrial techno and synthwave, with a different dosage of nosie or synth in each tracks, some tracks more melodic or quiet, some tracks harsher, but it's good whatever direction they take. Good stuff!

The Bandcamp page.

vendredi 19 avril 2019

Fluoride - Disentanglement (2019)

Fluoride is a trio from Philadelphia and they play some powerviolence/grind with a bit of sludge and do it very well. Disentanglement is their second release (after a cassette in 2017) and, like everything from Nerve Altar Records, it is really good stuff.

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mercredi 17 avril 2019

Puce Mary - The Drought (2018

The Drought, released last year by Puce Mary (Frederikke Hoffmeier from Denmark) is an excellent industrial/power electronics album, with subtle melodies and spoken words to create a feel of unease and mystery. Really good stuff.

The Bandcamp page.

vendredi 12 avril 2019

Vltimas - Something Wicked Marches In (2019)

Vltimas is a new formed by Blasphemer (ex-Mayhem) with David Vincent (ex-Morbid Angel) and Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy), thier first album Something Wicked Marches In is released by Season of Mist. You can recognize instantly Blasphemer style and sound although with Vltimas the songs have a less dissonant/avant-garde feel than on the music he composed and played for Mayhem, it's more melodic and more "maisntream" death/black metal. David Vincent shows how good a vocalist he can be, and adapts well to the more melodic parts. Flo Mounier on the drums is also doing a good job. It's not the best album either musicians took part in, but still it's a success and an enjoyable listen.

The Bandcamp page.

dimanche 7 avril 2019

Nibiru - Salbrox (2019)

Nibiru always has been more about creating a dark and trippy atmosphere than about riffs and never were a traditionnal psych doom band, now with their new album Salbrox, released with the excellent Ritual productions, they took it further and complete they mutation from ritualistic psych doom too dark ambient music (the end of Padmalotus was already a step in that direction) , even though the beats and "noisescapes" are mostly from live drums and guitars. This way they are affirming even more their specific sound and the result is excellent. (the experiments with some blast beats in Padmalotus and Qaal Babalon is another thing they could have pushed further, but maybe another time).
Strong stuff, I recommended it!

Their website.

jeudi 4 avril 2019

Bea$ters - Intrinsically Worthless (2018)

Bea$ters is a band from the US East coast, playing what we can call technical grind, Intrinsically Worthless, released last year is their second album (first one was good as well) and it's 10 minutes of high intensity technical grind but it's surpsisingly catchy. Really good stuff.

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