lundi 21 juillet 2014

Sissy Spacek - Lead their exit (2014)

this one's very wild and I love it. Lead their exit is the new 7'' by US noisegrinder's Sissy Spacek and if you like the grind or any kind of crazy sonic assault I really advise you to give it a try for it's five minutes of pure joy and exiting audio destruction. I listen to it once. press play again. and then another time. and I'm doing that each days this week. maye I got a problem but to me i's highly addictive stuff. you've been warned. Sissy Spacek is Charlie Mumma and John Wiese doing grinding drumming, punishing bass guitar and noise. and the new singer Sara Taylor (who sing also in Youth code) is doing a really good job and her screaming fits the music well. each is different but we could say their music plays in the same league as thedowngoing or Sete star sept. which means it's excellent and daring  noisegrind. not for everyone's ears but highly rewarding for those who can take it. that been said, this new Sissy Spacek record is not their noisiest and could please the bravest powerviolence enthousiast as well, and not only noisegrind freaks. it's my favourite recent discovery in grind related music.

the Bandcamp page

their tumblr

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