mercredi 7 septembre 2016

Skáphe - Skáphe² (2016)

Skáphe² is the second album of Skáphe, a band founded in 2014 by Alex Poole from Philadelphia (USA) who also plays in Krieg. D.G. from Iceland who sings also in Mispyrming joined as vocalist since 2015. As expected with these guys Skáphe delivers black metal of the highest quality. It reminds a bit Deathspell Omega in that it dares into a songwriting leaving classical BM territory, Skáphe using it to create great nightmarish and darkly chaotic atmospheres. Blut Aus Nord also comes to mind for the dissonant guitar riffing. But the execution is more brutal and savage (although played with precision). This is in my opinion (and many people agree) one of the best black metal album released this year.

The Bandcamp page. 

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