mercredi 24 octobre 2018

Chiens / Dead Instrument / Whoresnation split (2017)

This is a split between three bands I like, Chiens and Whoresnation from France, and Dead Instrument from Denmark, and I'm not disapointed by the results, each bands proposing tracks of the quality we could hope. Chiens and Whoresnation are more on the old school grind punk side of grind whereas Dead Instrument have a more modern sound and are more relentlessly fast. One thing worth noticing on this split release is that it's not one band then another then the third but the tracks are in mixed order and there's never two tracks of the same band in a row, and I'd say it works well. It's a really good split split with really good bands and I really recommend it. It's released by I Feel Good records, Amertume, Bones Brigade, and Everyday Hate.

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