mercredi 25 mars 2020

Hexendrone - Libereco Mito​-​Realeco Morto (2019)

Hexendrone is a Russian duo (drums, guitar, noise and vocals), thse two guys have been very prolific in the lats three years and with their label Lärmshturm Records they released many albums or split of their various projects, all going from stoner/doom/sludge to harsh noise/death industrial/power electronics, everything quite raw and radical, and good. Hexendrone is their most sludge project and Libereco Mito​-​Realeco Morto is the second album. It sounds like Eyehategod style sludge, but more minimalistic and with slower and heavier slow parts and faster hardcore parts. Will satisfy anyone liking the rawer and noisier side of slow and heavy music.

The BC page for the album

The Lärmshturm Records BC page

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