lundi 14 septembre 2020

Dephosphorus - Sublimation (2020)

Dephosphorus is a band that, at every time of its evolution, had an extra something, a great attention to details and mastery over what they do (the thundering and especially good drums parts in Sublimation is a great example of that. Riffs are very good as well, and you can recognize instantly Panos vocals), and also offering something different. While still firmly rooted in the most lethal black/death Sublimation is maybe also where they expand the most their "cosmic" atmospheres that could remind a bit Neurosis but in short songs filled with blast beats, even if sometimes the pace slows down. Every tracks bring something different, new subtleties. Sublimation is another excellent album from Dephosphorus deepening and polishing further their unique style. I also recommend their new live cassette (recorded during the Impossible Orbits tour), quality stuff.

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