vendredi 6 février 2015

Autopsy - Tourniquets hacksaws and graves (2014)

Autopsy are definitely back! after an excellent Headless ritual (read my review Here) they stroke again in 2014 with another really good album nicely called Tourniquets, hacksaws and graves. well, maybe it's not as good as Headless ritual, maybe it's a little bit more straightforward with less surprising twists in the songs. But it's still a really good and enjoyable old school death metal album. Easily better than most other death metal release. I said it was old school, but don't think old school like early nineties, it's more old school like late eighties (the band started in 1987) and some songs wouldn't sound really out of place on Hell awaits (the second Slayer album). So it's kinda proto-death metal more than old school death metal. anyway it sounds like Autopsy (with the trashy / punk rythms, the great grotesque vocals of Chris Reifert, the crazy soloing, the morbid melodies, the slower doomy parts, etc.) and Autopsy is good for you! 

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