mercredi 18 février 2015

Suffering mind - Waste farm (2015)

Sufferind mind, from Poland, is one of those highly productive grind band. and that's cool because they also happens to be one of the best grindpunk band. most of the time they are releasing splits. Who said Agathocles? yes, surprise surprise, they recently released one with Agathocles!  that was bound to happen... there's also one with Detroit (don't miss this one!), and Lifes, and Nak'ay. but a 12' EP is coming soon! it's called Waste farm and most of it can already be listened to on their Bandcamp, and  it's killer stuff! simple but very effective, and with a production better than on some of their other releases, while keeping an old school grind feel. nice grind punk drumming, good dual vocals, good hardcore trash riffing, a good balance between speed and agression and groovier parts to get dynamic and memorable songs, and you get a very solid candidate for being one of the best grind release of the year... that's it... a mandatory listen if you're into grind.

their BC page

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