samedi 5 septembre 2015

Goya - Obelisk (2015)

The new Goya album, their second, called Obelisk, is still heavily influenced by Electric wizard. That been said it's really well done and if you don't consider at all originality this is an excellent album. I think it's most consistent than their Ep Satan's fire, and more interesting than their first album, 777 (which was already really good in the Electric wizard worship) because it's less one-sided, especially thanks to two tracks in the middle of the album, the excellent acoustic "300 eyes" and "The sun" with it's faster pace. They really should do it more often. With the acoustic one they really manage to keep their ominous and dark psychedelic vibe and the fastest song is really rocking and brings a welcome change of tempo, breathing new life in the flow of the album. So i'd say the most striking moments is when they try something different, I don't mean that the rest of the album is not really good, but in my opinion they definitely should keep on experimenting different formulas and find their own way into the realm of dark heavy psychedelia.

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