lundi 3 avril 2017

Tomb Mold - Primordial Malignity (2017)

Tomb Mold is a duo from Toronto. Their demo released last year drew some well deserved attention, and now their first album Primordial Malignity places Tomb Mold as one of the best newcomers in the death metal scene. Their starting point was their love for early Finnish DM, but I can also hear some US old school elements, they sound rawer than USDM but also are more brutal and technical than scandinavian OSDM. They are different on many points but the band that comes to my mind the most when listening to Tomb Mold would be Suffocation, maybe because Suffocation helped pushing old school death metal to a new level of brutality. Tomb Mold has it all, good songs, good riffing, a cool bass sound, a raw and savage feel, the groove, good vocals, etc. making Primordial Malignity an excellent death metal album. Yes all the praises they get is deserved. Recommended stuff!

The Bandcamp page.

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