mardi 25 avril 2017

Cloud Rat : split 7 w Crevasse and split LP w Moloch (2017)

Cloud Rat is in my opinion the best metal hardcore band of recent years. These two new splits (a 7 with Crevasse and a split album with Moloch) are another proof of how good they are. At the same time they have the best song of the super aggressive and ferocious kind and also manages to bring in an interesting and original way different elements, more melodic, into their hardcore. Two tracks on these splits embodies this original approach, on the one with Crevasse you have with "Fish in a Pool" a strange D-Beat meets Sonic Youth mix that works out perfectly. On the split with Moloch you find an even more radically different thing with "Amber Flush" which is a very good post-punk / new-wave song. excellent stuff again from Cloud Rat.

Crevasse is a good female fronted hardcore band, their two track are quite enjoyable. Moloch plays a doom metal / hardcore that failed to grab my attention. 

The Cloud Rat / Crevasse split BC page.

The Cloud Rat / Moloch split BC page.

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