lundi 1 mai 2017

Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibition (2016)

I don't listen to a lot of hip-hop and review it even more rarely. But when it's as good and special as this latest album from Danny Brown, called Atrocity Exhibition, I'm please to do it. It has modern touches, a few beats, some aspects of the MCing, but it reminds me a lot the 90'. Not so much traditionnal boom-bap, although the beats are most of the time slower and heavier than it is usually in modern hip-hop, and there's a bit of turntable scratching, which is always nice and is now nearly a rarity. But the 90' flavour is more reminiscent of trip-hop, especially the dark and eclectic productions from Tricky, but also maybe sometimes a bit of Horrorcore, a bit like Gravediggaz'. The Mcing is ok but the prods are the main strenght of Danny Brown, with a lot of inventivity and diversity while the quality stays on a high and the overall result is still cohesive. Also a track with B-Real is always welcome. This is an excellent album and even if you're not that much into hip-hop you should give it a try.

Danny Brown website.

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