dimanche 25 juin 2017

Brainbombs - Inferno (2017)

Inferno is the new Brainbombs album and it sounds quite similar to their previous one, Souvenirs. And, honestly, since Souvenirs was so good and this one very good as well this is not a problem. Better another excellent similar album than a disappointing change... On this one their noise rock also favour dark and psychedelic (think bad trip, not flower power at all...) atmosphere more than direct aggression, they found again lots of memorable riffs, and of course they kept the use of trumpet (think more Miles Davis than clarion call fortunately), coupled with their usual monotonous nearly spoken word vocals with super bleak lyrics. Nothing new but another excellent Brainbombs album that I will listen to on a regular basis (as usual with Brainbombs it gets better after a few listen as the basis of the songs are more familiar and the hypnotic repetitive element works better while you keep on discovering new subtilities).

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