mercredi 13 décembre 2017

Archspire - Relentless Mutation (2017)

Yes, with this one I dared into territories unusual for me, I'm definitely more used to old school stuff. Yes, we're talking about death metal here. I suppose the cover art made me try this one, and I had a good surprise since the music is as good and crazy as the cover art. Relentless Mutation is the second album from Archspire and it's better on every level than their first one (which was good already), Relentless Mutation is a bit less fast and brutal, but with a better songwriting with more balance between the speed (still hyperblast speed), the brutal groove and the melody. Also there's a greater attention to details, with a more "progressive" result. The melodic guitar parts are more fusion jazz style but never cheesy. The drumming is still very fast but less relentlessly, giving more contrast and diversity to the songs.  But what impress me the most is maybe the excellent flow of the vocalist, especially good in the fast parts. If modern technical death is giving birth to more album of this quality I'd be pleased to give it more of my time. I really found this one surprisingly good and enjoyable.

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