mercredi 20 décembre 2017

Gendo Ikari / Droves - split (2017)

This grind split is as good as its cover art is shitty. Yes, it's really good! Last year Gendo Ikari first release "Unit 1" impressed me (my review HERE), and their side on this split maintain the quality, furious uncompromising and straight to the point grind. I'm discovering Droves (another scottish band)  with this split and I'm glad I did because they're also really good. Both bands remind me a bit Brutal Truth for their feel of out of control brutality but Droves also because of the wild rock'n'roll/punk groove it has (whereas Gendo Ikari is probably the heavier of the two). This split is ten minutes of excellent grind. Go for it!

The BC page.

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