lundi 26 février 2018

H880 - Noir et Mornes (2018), Czarnadusza (EP 2017), You, Me and the Violence (2016)

I'm briefly reviewing here three releases form the French techno producer H880.
His most recent Noir et Mornes stress the most dark ambient side of his industrial & hardcore techno, you guessed it it's darker and more ambient...
the Czarnadusza EP released in the end of last year is more beat-driven, with a more warehouse rave / hardcore feel.
You, Me and the Violence released in 2016 is more an album, a set in 6 acts, and progress from a quieter dark feel to more direct hardcore tracks. (so we could say it combines the sound of his two releases that followed).
Anyway, those three releases, as well as what he did before, is all good and anyone into the bleaker/darker /industrial side of hardcore techno should pay attention to it and enjoy.

The bandcamp pages :
Noir et Mornes


You, Me and the Violence

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