dimanche 18 février 2018

Sammal - Suuliekki (2018)

With their previous threes releases Sammal established themselves as one of the best recent psych/prog rock bands so expectations were very high for this new one Suuliekki (still with Svart Records). While maybe not as strong and immersive as myrskyvaroitus, Suuliekki maintain the top quality we are used to with Sammal, with their exellent typically Finnish melodies and excellency for crafting atmosphere and moods. Here the moods are a bit more varied and globally lighter, while the melancholy is never very far (they are Finnish, mind you!). Another awesome and unique album from Sammal. They stay one of my favourite bands. A must listen if you're into this kind of music. Well, anyone should give it a try actually...

The Svart page for the album.

The Bandcamp page of the band.

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