dimanche 2 juin 2013

Mumakil - Flies will starve (2013)

Mumakil from Switzerland are one of the main players in the modern grind / death scene. by modern I mean that their sound is quite clean and powerfull, but it's closer to recent Napalm death stuff than to Nasum. the vocals and sometimes the rythm changes and riffs can also remind Dying fetus (but is less tehcnical). their new album Flies will starve released by Relapse, is a new testimony of their ability to beat your head relentlessly, striking with a surgical precision. personnally I prefer my grind with more dirt and craziness, something maybe less polished and straightforward but if you're into this kind of grind / death Flies will starve will do the job perfectly.

Mumakil on BC.

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  1. i keep hoping they'll go back to their customized warfare sound (without the pig vocals) but they seem intent on chasing that super slick style of relapse grind.