mercredi 5 juin 2013

Pyramidal - Frozen galaxies (2013)

Pyramidal comes from Alicante (Spain) and they are the best kept secret of psychedelic rock. I just absolutely can't understand why they are not well known yet because they really deserves to. I listened many times to their first album called Dawn in space (see HERE my review of the record and read the interview with the band) and I'm really pleased to hear that the new one, Frozen galaxies is also awesome. so clearly Dawn in space was not a one shot marvel and Frozen galaxies place Pyramidal among the best recent psychedelic / prog / space rock bands. that being said, what about the music? as they had announced, the progressive side of the songs is more developped in Frozen galaxies, and they kept a really good balance between the proggy side (think early Yes or King crimson and not Dream theater) and their old school heavy rock side. what is more prog in the album? the song structure, especially the more than twenty minutes lasting Frozen galaxies, but also the use of saxophone on the first two songs (it works really fine), and of sitar in the last one (Frozen galaxies). so what do we have? heavy sabbathian / 70' heavy rock riffing, progressive rock elements, blissfull psychedelic and spacey atmospheres, excellent musicianship of all the musicians (it's mainly instrumental, but the vocals in Sons of light are also ok, adding something a bit different in the album), four excellent songs each one different from the others, all that making a very enjoyable and addictive album.

more than recommended!

you can listen to it on their Bandcamp.

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