lundi 17 novembre 2014

11Paranoias - Stealing fire from heaven (2014)

Stealing fire from heaven is 11Paranoias second full lenght release this year. I'd say I prefer the dirtier and wilder Spectral bestiaries (see my review HERE) but this one's really good as well and far from a useless release since they tried something slightly different. Stealing fire from heaven, sounds even more droney, dreamy and smokey than their previous records. The cover art from surrealist artist Max ernst and name of the songs "the great somnanbulist", "surrealise" and "retribution of dreams" are not there by chance, the album being infused with surrealistic influences (dreamy and bizarre associations, colourfull and highly psychedelic before it's time). And maybe this time the Bong influence sounds more present than the Ramesses one. There's also a bit of sax and keys subtly adding a nice touch.
A great year for 11Paranoias with the release of two albums, each one being different and great in it's own terms.

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