vendredi 12 décembre 2014

Six brew bantha - Intravenously commodified (2014)

The cover art of their new LP pay hommage to "Scum" and Six brew bantha sure are worthy followers of the good ol' grind traditions, Intravenously commodified is proving again that they are in full possession and control of the grind basics. But they are playing it in their own way and with all the firepower of modern grind. The nine songs are grinding furioulsy all over the place, fast, sharp, raw and with all the riffing and rythms changes that are needed to keep the intensity (and intense it is!) lively and the listener hooked. they are delivering the grind with a nice trashy crossover touch while keeping it grind brutal. Even the longer closing track is good and not another poor attempt at mixing grind with sludge or whatever, it's not even slower in fact, just trying a more complex song structure. Six brew bantha (as well as a few others canadian bands) is doing a very good job at strenghtening the grind scene and Intravenously commodified is one of the finest grind blast of 2014.

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