dimanche 21 décembre 2014

Cultfinder - Hell's teeth (EP 2014)

Skip the useless intro, then listen to All conquering death and I dare you to avoid finding you later in the day singin it's chorus. this first song of Cultfinder's second EP Hell's teeth is a masterpiece in D-beating black trash metal. The young band from the UK is also doing a good job in the rest of the EP in blending primitive black metal, trash, speed metal and D-beat. The lo-fi but put forward in the mix drums sounds demo but I think that it suits the style well. I like the drums mixed forward when it's combining blast beat and d-beat, powerfull combination that is the key to this kind of metal in my opinion. If you're only into sophisticated metal that sure won't be your stuff but if you like your black metal raw and spiced with a healthy dose of trash and punk then Hell's teeth will be a piece of choice. simple but really enjoyable music!

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