mercredi 5 août 2015

Endon - MAMA (2014)

Japanese music at its craziest and most fucked up. And that is saying a lot. This japanese quintet called Endon is one vocalist, one drummer, one guitarist and two noisemakers. And MAMA their first album, released last year could be the soundtrack to a million, ever changing, nightmares. They call their music "Catastrophic noise metal" but I'd say that's a quite mild description, it's actually more extreme than that. Throw in the most ruthless noisegrind, harsh noise / dark ambient parts (those are the "quiet" and "soft" parts!), some black metal drumming and riffing, chaotic hardcore / noise, howls, growls and anguished screams. And you get one the most radical album for the last two years. Saying it's intense and confrontationnal would be a huge understatement. But don't think it's an interesting album just because of it's extreme nature, no this is really clever and well-crafted music. Standard grind and standard noise music are too often predictable and boring, Endon takes the best of both worlds to make music of their own, something really exiting. It's is produced by Atsuo from Boris.  A big thanks to Fucked by noise, for making me discover this great album.

Highly recommended (if you're brave enough)!

Their Bandcamp page

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