mercredi 26 août 2015

Meth Leppard - Demo tape (2015)

Meth Leppard is a new grind duo from Adelaide (Australia) wih guys from Powerxchuck and Seminal Embalmment, they are releasing (with Bloody Scythe Records) a demo tape (limited to 100 copies). This demo happens to be very good  old school grind in a Napalm death vein (and I'm not saying that just because the last track of the tape is a cover of "Siege of power"). the demo is six song (five originals plus the ND cover), and there's no filler. The production is good, especially for a demo (but is a tape released by a label still a demo? anyway...). Their main strengh is the riffs which are really good, bringing some good grooves and a "catchy" feel in a good grind way. The songs are short and fast, but with mid tempo parts that will helps the riffs to crawl into your ears and brains. This is a really good first release, simple but highly enjoyable grind.

The BC page (just one track from the tape at the moment).

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