samedi 22 août 2015

Gas chamber - Hemorrhaging light (2014)

Curious to hear how could sound some "progressive noise powerviolence"? Then just listen to Gas chamber (from Buffalo, US). Their latest album Hemorhaging light (released in 2014) is rooted in powerviolence but stays far away from the standardised form you find in nearly all PV / Hardcore / punk /metal albums. You'll find some short songs with a structure close to usual powerviolence, and those songs are really aggressive and good. And then you'll have songs with the powerviolence / hardcore elements but with parts bringing melodies (with the guitars or with female vocals in one song) or what sounds a bit like "free noise rock / post-rock" (with a bit of electronic noises here and there). And that makes the album a very exiting listen, full of surprises, far from another samey hardcore album. This album is unique, excellent and very exiting and enjoyable to listen to. Highly recommended!

The Bandcamp page. 

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