mercredi 2 décembre 2015

Sigurður Rögnvaldsson's Dark Forest - Kisima (2015)

It was a bit by chance that I listened to this album. I'm really glad I did it because it will stay as one of my favourite album of the year. Sigurður Rögnvaldsson's Dark Forest is a band formed by the Icelandic but now Helsinki based (and I noticed a finnish feel in the melodies) guitarist Sigurður Rögnvaldsson with finnish musicians (drums, bass and alto sax). Kisima is their first album and is a brilliant release. Let me cite the guitarist website : "Dark Forest invites the listeners to a journey through a dark and mystical forest, full of mutated creatures and their strange yet captivating stories in Kisima". Yes, listening to the album evokes a weird atmosphere with somewhat "magical" qualities. The music is rooted in jazz rock / progressive rock reminding a bit the 70' pioneers( King Crimson for exemple) but with a more modern energy and rougher edge, with a rythm section that often would not sound out of place in a math rock / noise rock band. The sax playing is at times more atmospheric and at times dives into wilder free jazz howlings. Great melodies and atmosphere with a powerfull rocking pulse. A great album.

The bandcamp page.

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