samedi 12 mars 2016

Blown out - Jet black hallucinations & Planetary engineering (2015)

Blown out is one of the band with the guitarist Mike Vest from Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) who also plays in 11Paranoias, Bong , Lobster priest, Haikai no ku, etc. In Blown out you'll find the heavy and trippy elements that you find in every Mike Vest bands, taking the form of an instrumental space rock power trio. They released two excellent records in 2015 Jet black hallucinations and Planetary engineering, and I'll do one review for both because basically it's the same stuff. Heavy rock with a lot of psychedelic lead guitar with fuzz working with the drums & bass grooving rhythmic section. On these records Mike Vest shows once again that he's a major player in the heavy psychedelic scene with a strong distinctive style. If you're into heavy psychedelia you needs to listen to this. Stoner space rock at its finest. Strong stuff.

The Blown out Bandcamp page.

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