mardi 1 mars 2016

Ghold / Dead existence split (2015)

This is a really good split with two bands related to the english sludge / doom scene, Ghold and Dead existence. Each band plays an original and a cover. It starts with the Ghold original. On this track the bass & drum duo formula of Ghold works really well, with some tribal rhythmic patterns that reminds a bit Sepultura, but better. Then it is Dead existence doing an excellent cover of Autopsy ("Ridden with disease"), can't argue with that... the third track is the Dead existence original, sounding a bit like a rawer Crowbar. Good stuff. The split ends with Ghold cover of Man is the Bastard ("sutee") which is not very memorable. This last track is the weaker one, but overall this is a really good split between two really good bands.

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