lundi 29 août 2016

Brainbombs - Souvenirs (2016)

Yes Brainbombs are back with another album called Souvenirs, the seventh (if I'm not msitaken) in thirty years. Of course you'll find again the same formula, but since they're the only one to play it this is ok. And some songs on Souvenirs will probably stay among their best ones (I think of Darker shade of pain especially). So you'll have some noise rock with some Stoogian / Hendrixian riffing in repetitive mode (usually one riff each song, but those riffs are great) and with a bleak atmosphere. The vocals is still a guy with a swedish accent (they are swedish) telling some horrible things. But nevermind. And there's their usual moaning trumpet, really a great addition to their sound. If you like Brainbombs you'll like this one two, if you don't know them this one will be a good start. Don't fail to check it, really good stuff.

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