mercredi 26 octobre 2016

Atomikylä - Keräily (2016)

Atomikylä is a side project of Oranssi Pazuzu singer associated with members of Dark Buddha Rising. No big surprise we find in Atomikylä elements from the music of these bands. We could describe their second album Keräily, released this year on Svart records, as some "dark psychedelic krautdoom" somewhere between the bands already mentionned and bands like Nibiru or Aluk Todolo. Keräily is three songs for 34 minutes.
The first song is the longest one, with the most aggressive part between some more trippy intro and outro. The second one is the more psychedelic, with some sax being a nice addition, the third song is more like the first but condensed, with the psychedelic elements more restrained in a normal rock song structure. I'm left with a slight feeling that they can do best, but it's already an interesting and enjoyable listen, a lot better than most of the millions doom bands existing nowadays.

The Bandcamp page.

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