samedi 1 octobre 2016

Bicikl - Chertamy y Ryazamy (2016)

I love finding obscure music, by complete chance (here on my Bandcamp wanderings), and that it's very special, mysterious, and great. The Chertamy y Ryazamy tape by Bicikl is such music. It's been released this summer by Iowa's noise label The Centipede Farm. Here is their description of the project :

"BICIKL was formed in Belgrade, Serbia in 2008 by two Lithuanian immigrants, Harbor Tévas and Vyrash Karunos, with the idea to promote old Lithuanian pagan values. They would invite anybody willing to play to join them at their weekly gatherings in Vyrash's living room, where they would spend time together, talk, drink tea or rakija, watch films and improvise music. Every rite was recorded, adding up to over 100 hours of original material.

The collective soon grew to include more than 10 members, and in 2009 they started performing live rites that were a mixture of primitive theater, pagan rituals and modern eclectic music played on traditional ethnic instruments in combination with modern electronic gadgets. The line-up changed from performance to performance, based on principles of free improvisation where everyone is welcome and no one is necessary." 

The main element of the is traditionnal Balkan music, but witht he electronic / noise elements and the improvisationnal form it evokes noise / krautrock / free-jazz as well. Surprising and great music with a strong atmosphere.
Highly recommended!

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