lundi 17 octobre 2016

Wormrot - Voices (2016)

After a five years stop the Singaporean grind trio is back, as strong as ever. With their new album Voices, Wormrot is just starting again where they left as if nothing happened (which is definitely not a bad thing!). The solid old school grind foundations they displayed so well, with a lot of efficiency and creativity, on their first two albums are still there, intact. But they also are following the experiments they tried on their last release, the Noise EP. So you'll find in Vocies more song structures and guitar parts that are unusual in grind. The fast and technical but melodic elements added in the guitar parts reminds a bit Gridlink, but the overall result is different since Wormrot does not have their "as fast as possible all the time" attack. Probably even more than on their previous releases there's a great diversity in the album, staying in grind boundaries, with all its intensity, but enriching it. Wormrot return is a resounding success and Voices will very likely be the best grind album this year.

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