lundi 6 février 2017

Power Trip - Nightmare Logic (2017)

Manifest Decimation in 2013 was a very strong first album and now its follow-up Nightmare Logic (also with Southern Lord Records), end establishing firmly Power Trip as one of the very best recent thrash metal band. The basic formula is still the same, a lot of aggressive old school thrash metal (Slayer, Exodus, Testament) and a bit of Cro-Mags style hardcore. In Nightmare Logic I also hear more groove (Pantera comes to mind more often this time) and in general a more concise and focused songwriting with a more personnal style. Exactly what is needed for a second album actually. I'm more into grind or noise than traditionnal metal these days but an album like Nightmare Logic manages to get me exited and reminds me why I get into metal in the first place. Very cool stuff!

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