jeudi 6 juillet 2017

Dephosphorus - Impossible Orbits (2017)

Impossible Orbits is the new album from Dephosphorus. Following two very ambitious and more "progressive" albums (the mysterious "Night Sky Transform", still my favourite one, and the double one "Ravenous Solemnity" that covered the wide spectrum of Dephosphorus music) Impossible Orbits sounds like a return to something more straightforward and less complex. You'll still find the different elements that makes the bands music (a mix of grind, black metal, Slayer and Neurosis we could say) and its uniqueness, but this time the focus is on the most aggressive side of the band personnality, more thrash/black/grind, shorter songs, less post-metal/atmospheric elements. Is it a successfull move? Well, it sure succeeds in making another great album, with many great moments and memorable songs, and even though the songwriting feels condensed and maybe simplified, still each song manages to have it's own specificity, like is usual with Dephosphorus. It also succeeds in making a different kind of album, avoiding repetition. Yet, even though I enjoy listening to Impossible Orbits, I think most of the times I'll prefer going back to their older stuff. Very worthy of your time anyway. excellent stuff again.

The Bandcamp page.

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