mercredi 12 juillet 2017

Ex Eye - Ex Eye (2017)

Ex Eye is another exemple of a "supergroup" that is producing good results, with this first self-titled album (released by Relapse). The band is composed of the renowned forward-thinking saxophonist Colin Stetson (most known for his bass saxophone play), Greg Fox on drums (also in Liturgy, so yes there are some blast beats parts), Shazad Ismaily with synth (he also plays in Secret Chiefs 3) and Toby Sumerfield on guitar. Their music can't really fit in a genre category nor really sounds like some other bands. They produce some mysterious and quiet melodies wih a nice combination of the sax, synth and guitar, but they also bring some heavy grooves, especially with the good drumming, and the bass sax tones. Really good and interesting music.

The Bandcamp page.

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