lundi 8 janvier 2018

my favourites 2017 releases

Here we go, here's my list of the 2017 releases I enjoyed he most (grind excepted since I did a specific list for grind, see my previous post). I give those 21 in alphabetical order :

American - Violate and Control    my review

Archspire - Relentless Mutation    my review

Brainbombs - Inferno                    my review

Broken English Club - The English Beach   my review

Burning Tree - Ossuary light         my review  

Converge - The Dusk in Us            my review

Dead Neanderthals / Sly and he Family Drone - Molar Wrench   my review

Dying Fetus - Wrong One to Fuck With        my review

Earthgrave - The Verge of Human Abyss     my review

Ex Eye - Ex Eye                            my review

Full Of Hell - Trumpeting Ecstasy                my review

Henry Kane - Den Förstörda Människans Rike    my review

Ingurgitating Oblivion - Vision Wallows in Symphonies of Light   my review

Pissed Jeans - Why Love Now     my review

Power Trip - Nighmare Logic     my review

Ruin - Drown in Blood                 my review

The Body & Full of Hell - Ascending a Montain of Heavy Light   my review

Tricky - Ununiform                      my review

Unholy Vampiric Slaughter Sect - Canticle Bound in Spirit - The Faith in Vampyric Blood                           my review

Uniform - Wake in Fright            my review

Unsane - Sterilize                        my review

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