mercredi 24 janvier 2018

S.B.S.M - Leave your Body (EP 2018)

So my first review of a 2018 release will be the new EP from S.B.S.M called "Leave your Body". An excellent start for the new year if you ask me. It's their fourth EP, time for a longer release now, please! anyway, most important is that they maintain the quality of their music, and they do! They kept the nice wild no-wave feel while their music is getting harder, sounding on those four tracks even more like a punk/hardcore meeting industrial/noise mix, reminding a bit Youth Code (with also a girl screaming) but less EBM and more noise, rawer and dirtier.
Great stuff again from S.B.S.M, highly recommended !

The BC page

 ps : looks like they share one or two members with Ragana. Expect a review of Ragana latest album, it's really good as well, in a different style.

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