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Nile-At the gates of Sethu

I use to deal with less well known band but hey, Nile is really a cool band, so I make an exception. and even the biggest death metal bands are still largely underground so...Yes Nile is among the biggest death metal bands and its not by chance for they were among the band that really brought something new into death metal int he last fifteen years. You known what it is : mind blowing intensity and musicianship but serving a truly brilliant , epic and larger than life songriting (with the egyptean/oriental mytholocial atmospheres, the hooks, the grooves, crazy solos, etc...). Since "Annihilation of the wicked" in 2005 they introduced a cleaner production and added more trashy parts to their death metal (but kept intensity to a high level), "Those whom the gods detest" in 2009 was a return to something more brutal but "At the gates of Sethu" stays is the direction of focusing more on catchy riffs and "songs" (but still death metal songs so the brutality is really present of course). In a few words it's a new great Nile record...

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Dallas Toler-Wade, guitarist in Nile answered to the questions I sent him (thanks!). Read it below : 

-how do you see At the gates of Sethu in the evolution of Nile ? 
  Dallas Toler- Wade : I think with every record we learn more and more about writing and recording. At the gate of Sethu shows that we are still hungry, and focused on becoming better writers and players.

-was there something new for the band in the process of writing or recording/production?

  Pretty much the writing process is the same as in the past, except this time we made more complete demos with all of the elements there.  It really helped in getting everything as good as we could get it.
 We wanted things to be a little more raw this time, and I think we accomplished that.

-I feel that since Annihilation of the wicked your songwriting is more simple and focused on creating “catchy” songs while keeping a high level of intensity and technical playing of course. It seems to me that Those whom the gods detest was a bit more brutal and At the gates is more in the continuity of recent years focus on songs. Do you agree with that?

   It could be true sure. We just do what we do. We have always just went for what feels right at the time.

-is there a red thread in the lyrics and themes of the different songs? Is there a kind of a concept to the album or is it more a collection of different stories.

   At the gate of Sethu is a collection of individual songs, with a wide variety of topics.
-I read that you tour with Morbid angel and Kreator. That’s great! Are you headlining it? I guess that as many metalheads you listened to these bands, but what do you think about what they are playing now?
  Being on this tour will be lots of fun. We have toured with Morbid Angel, and Kreator in the past, so touring with these bands again is long overdue. As for what I think about how other bands are playing I say as long as they are happy with what they are doing musically then who gives a damn what other people think.

-which songs of the At the gates are you playing live?

   We will start off playing Enduring the eternal molestation of flame, The supreme humanism of megalomania, and The Inevitable Degradation of flesh for starters. We will add more as we go, and change out songs from tour to tour.
-how Nile’s songs are written? will you write again ten minutes songs like you did before? 
   The lyrics get written first, then the music. We don't think about how long the songs are. We just work on the stuff until we feel it's ready and kicking ass. Our songs take how ever long they need to take to say what they have to say.
-the great acoustic instrumental song on this album is called “ethno-musicological cannibalisms” is that title a kind of joke or something?
  Err is this question some kind of a joke or something?

-which are your favourite Nile’s songs?

   I don't really have a favorite Nile song. For me it's hard to have an outside perspective being in the band. It's all reflective of where we were as musicians and what we were getting into.
-which recent bands would you recommend?

   Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour of Penance. I don't know how long these bands have been around. I just know that I got to hear these bands recently and they were brutal as hell.
-which recommendations could you give to young bands trying to “do it”?  what’s more important, perfecting everyday the playing and songwriting skills or the “hard working touring endlessly for no money attitude”? obviously you did both and know a lot on the subject so what’s the key points on your opinion?
   My opinion is if you are a serious musician it's all in what you want from playing music. Some play mostly for money, some for fun at home, some for the musical challenge, some simply for the soul healing expression of writing and playing music, and some for all of these reasons. If you devote your life to any pursuit you will see results. Making it in music for me was being able to play and write music in a band that played shows and put out records. I never cared if there was label interest or chances for big tours. I just know that I will always play metal on whatever level I can, be it total pro or for fun locally on the weekends. I will always write music and play in a band.
-want to add something?

    I would just like to thank everyone that's into or plays metal for years of relentless dedication, and making life interesting!  

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