mercredi 13 juin 2012

Thrall-Vermin to the earth

Thrall is a tasmanian duo (completed by guest when they play live) playing classy black metal. Vermin to the earth released last year is really a great and special black metal album in my opinion, mixing successfully the classical elements of black metal (the vocals that are really good black metal vocals, some typically black metal blast beats, the succesion of fast and slower parts, the grim mood, etc...) with different elements like a post-rock feel to some instrumental parts, or a cleaner production, allowing the sharp, dissonant but also melodic riffs to get their way faster to your head, with either crushing or hypnotic effect (bordering at time to psychedelia like on Mass exctinction) . They blend with taste the old and new school of black metal, and above all they know how to write good songs.

try it on their BC page

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