mercredi 19 septembre 2012

Human error-10 reasons to kill your boss and destroy the whole world (2011)

Human error from Hungary is expert in delivering the grind / punk agression. they go straight to the point and makes no prisonners. their record released last year is called 10 reasons to kill your boss and destroy the whole world, the singing is in hungarian but its clear that it's not about romance. the production is sharp, the songwriting is good with enough change of rythms (d-beats, blast beats, etc) and dynamics in the songs to keep the listeners under their hold. and they are good at choosing bands to share a split with, recently Black hole of Calcutta and Livstid (with whom they share a similar approach). grind / punk is not only alive in Sweden and Human error make clear that eastern Europe is still strong on the grindpunk map.

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