vendredi 14 septembre 2012

Serpentine path-st (2012)

an easy one : take members playing or having played in Unearthly trance (the singer, Ryan Lipinsky), Electric wizard and Ramesses (Tim Bagshaw on guitars), what do you get? Doooom! yes of course! their first, self titled record, released this year is offering what we expect from them : high quality doom. the good surprise is that they don't rely only on the slow side. the tempo of the songs goes from slowed down old school death metal to funeral doom. the vocals adding to the rawness and aggression of the music. so what we have is really cool death/doom. some dark psychedelia would have pleased me but I'm completely ok with their more raw and death metallic musical direction because they do it so nicely (or so nasty would more correct maybe!).

doom it on their BC page

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