dimanche 30 septembre 2012

SSS-Problems to the answer (2011)

SSS from Liverpool (UK) are maybe, with Municipal waste, the best band of the crossover (trash / hardcore) revival of last years. They choose to focus mostly on the speedy side of crossover and are good at delivering the feeling of urgency and the adrenaline that makes the style highly enjoyable. they have good songs, with the speed and agression but also the good measure of melody that makes the songs memorable. and what also makes the difference from other bands in that syle is the vocals that are really good, aggressive but also melocdic a bit like it was in Suicidal tendencies. they also have cool instrumentals, a bit like Metallica used to write but more trashy. they have three LP the last one being Problems o the answer, released last year by earache. they are writing a new one.

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