samedi 22 septembre 2012

White lung-sorry (2012)

Sorry is the second LP for the quatuor (three girls including the singer and a guy on guitar) from Vancouver, White lung. Their first record It's evil was already good. Sorry is better. What they play is fast paced post-punk with a punk / riot girrl feel (due in part to the really good half screamed half sung vocals). The record is 10 short and fast songs (the longest is 2.14 min long) filled with an intense urgency and cold melodies. simple in a very effective way. you dig the songs at the moment you hear it, and you keep on going back to it.

listen to it on their Bandcamp

check their website (with a good video clip of one song)

their singer Mish Way answered to a few of my questions, read it below :

-can you present the band ad tell us what are the different elements that makes your music ?

 We do not recycle punk rock. Our guitar player is a genius. We are current.

-why did you call your last record Sorry?

 Because the lyrics are all about moments and things one should apologize for, but I am not sorry.

-I like your first one, Its evil, but I think Sorry is better, in your opinion what’s the difference between the two records?

 It's The Evil was a record written by four musicians learning to write songs together and Sorry is a record written by four musicians who now know how to write songs together.

-I like the video clip you did for Take the mirror, can you tell us a few words about that video?

 It was filmed at The Alf House in Vancouver. We have some friends who live there and it's a great place to film. We made the video ourselves and were running out of new, free locations to film and The Alf worked. Kenny shot the video. 

-what about the lyrics and the artwork for Sorry?

 Justin Gradin did the artwork. He also did the artwork for It's the Evil and our new 7inch on German label Sabotage Records. As for the lyrics, it's a little crock pot of personal bullshit. Boys and drugs. I write about things that make me angry. Lyrics and performance are cathartic. It's all a bunch of inside jokes, mostly for myself. 

-is Vancouver a good place for rock music? Which band from your area would you recommend?

 Nu Sensae, B-Lines, Black Mountain, Defektors, Vapid, White Poppy, Johnny and The Death Rangers, Watermelon, PEACE.

-how would you describe your live shows? With which kind of bands do you like to play with?

 The bigger the crowd, the better the performance. I like mobs. I like gang mentality. 

-is touring in Europe on the agenda?

 We are in Europe right now touring! It's our 6th show and we are here for 3 weeks. The schedule is on our website.  I'm sitting in a cute house in Prague waiting for our driver to pick me up. Can you tell Leon in Berlin that he's an angel? Also, we miss and love Terrible Feelings. 

-what’s next for White lung?

 We are trying not to die in Europe. We tour the US again in November, then we are taking time off until February when we tour North America again. We have some festivals planned for 2013. In 2014 we are going to do a group suicide out the window of Bei Roy in Berlin.

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