jeudi 10 janvier 2013

CityCop / Les Doux-family ties-Labors of love split (2012)

I really enjoyed Citycop previous releases (see my review and interview HERE) and am happy that they bring us some new songs witht his split tape.
What they play is something a bit like accoustic screamo. it's accoustic but the passionate vocals reminds screamo and they also plays quite fast. but it's not traditionnal hardcore / screamo without electricity, it's different, sometimes there's a feeling a bit like when flamenco gets pretty fast. and it's not just speed there's a wide diversity of tempi and emotions in the three songs featured on this split. another great release by CityCop, I just have one complain : three songs is not enough!
Les Doux, from Hattiesburgh plays a more classic screamo but they do it with taste and ll the intensity needed, making their part of the split another really enjoyable listen.

CityCop on BC
Les Doux on BC

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