samedi 12 janvier 2013

The twelve grind beauties of 2012

here's my selection of the 2012 grind records I enjoyed the most, with links to my reviews and some interviews I did. in alphabetical order.

-Catheter - Southwest doom violence          review & interview

-Cellgraft - st                                               review

-Detroit - st                                                review & interview                                  

-F.U.B.A.R - Lead us to war                           review & interview

-Intheshit - This failed jokes over               review

-Murder construct - Results                       review

-Noisear - Turbulent resurgence                 review

-P.O.O.R - Exctinction of trust                         review        

-Sakatat - Bir devrim sonu                         review

-Thedowngoing - athousandsyearsofdarkness    review & interview

-The kill - Make'em suffer                          review & interview

-Warfuck - The weak and the wicked          review & interview

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