samedi 19 janvier 2013

Spawn of possession-Incurso (2012)

Spawn of possession features current or former members of Obscura and Necrophagist. thechnical death metal that's it. not my usual kind of death metal but Incurso is not the usual tech death record and when it's as good as this I can enjoy the technical stuff.when it gets too technical it can easily become boring, but on this record it feels like the focus never cease to be on writing good songs and it makes a really pleasing lsiten. it's dense but never too much, there's many things going in the music but it add and not detract to the intensity. the music's not the same but the way they combine intense and technical playing and writing catchy songs in the same time reminds me of Nile. all that makes Incurso a highly recommended records, not only for the fans of tech death but to anyone into extreme metal.

you can listen to it on Bandcamp.

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