mardi 29 janvier 2013

Church of the dead-Stay out of my grave EP (2013)

they say "Church of the Dead is Finnish old school death metal band with real punk attitude, crushing
d-beats and twisted sense of morbid humour.".

well, who's gonna argue with that? definitely not me! 
yes indeed Church of the dead's Stay out of my grave 4 songs sounds old school, and for the better! 
they play the good ol' death metal with reeking remains of trash metal and a frenetic punkish feel in a way that's...dare I say... refreshing?  
if you're into this kind of death metal check out this really cool debut, and wait for their Stay out of my grave vol2 that's coming in may!

here's their website (stream, video's, etc..).

their FB page

Jukka and Antti answer to my questions about their band, just read it below :

-what about the formation of Church of the dead?

Jukka (Vocals): It was quite painless actually. One day Kride (Guitar) was talking to our label manager about this band that he wanted to form - and by the end of the evening he had put together the whole lineup and we had a plan for recording the first EP.

Antti (Bass): I used to play with Kride in a death metal band years before (Lithuria) and last year we started to talk with Kride that we should start to play old school death metal together since we neither had any other band projects at the time, and then he called me in the spring of 2012 that he had found Jukka and Tommi (Drums) to complete the line up.

-do you play or have played in other bands?

Jukka: I've played in different band for the last 14 years. The latest being The Undivine, De Lirium's Order and Ghoul Patrol. All of the guys are quite experienced. Kride has played in Dead Shape Figure and Tommi in GAF, Gorephilia and Temples among others.

Antti: I used to play in Lithuria with Kride and now I also play in Devenial Verdict.

-what defines old school death metal in your opinion and why did you choose to play that kind of metal?

Jukka: The filthy, crushing and macabre sound of old school death metal comes really naturally for us - it's an important part of our expression. It's just in our veins. I won't lecture about old school death metal - it's something for everyone to figure out for their selves.

-what do you have to say about Stay out of my grave that you just released? how was it written, recorded and produced?

Jukka: SOOMG being our debut release, it contains our first songs ever written. Most of it was pretty much done by Kride when started to rehearse together. Of course everyone had important input on them - mine being lyrics and vocal arrangements.

Antti: Yeah, Kride is definitely the driving force behind SOOMG, but me and Tommi managed to sneak some stuff in there too. Recording the album was really easy. We just entered a studio with a friend doing the engineering and the songs practically almost recorded themselves. We all had a clear vision of what we wanted the album to sound like, so it was really straight forward.

-what about the videoclip you did for Nekrovulture?

Jukka: The live clips on Nekrovulture -music video are from our first show at Prkl Club, Helsinki. I edited the video and added some footage from Night of the Living Dead to it. Classic film that goes nicely together with the morbid theme of the song.

-will Stay out of my grave part 2 bring something different?

Jukka: The next EP we're going release is actually called 'Vol 2. Terror Tales'. It will sound like COTD, but in some ways it will be really different. It's much darker, intense and filthier than the first one. Something that we're really satisfied with and waiting forward to releasing it!

Antti: Yeah definitely the darkest release I've ever been a part of. The atmosphere and sound of the EP are just pure blasphemy.

-which bands from your area would you recommend?

Jukka: There are many great bands, but to name some I would say Corpsessed and Mörbid Vomit are really good old school DM bands.

Antti: Torture Killer and Hooded Menace of the older players and also definitely Mörbid Vomit and Corpsessed, I’ve played a few times with them, always crushing.

-something to add?

Jukka: Follow us at Facebook and don't miss our next release on May 15th. 

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