mercredi 14 août 2013

Autopsy - The headless ritual (2013)

The headless ritual is the sixth Autopsy album and their second since their return. and if you liked it then, you'll probably like it now. it's the same quality that their good ol' albums had with a more modern sound. is an Autopsy album relevant in 2013? I think so. Chris Reifert vocals are still so special in the grotesque category, and their own special brand of death metal songwriting is still there, with the old school death metal punkish drumming, the crazy solos, the catchy riffing, the doomier parts. it's Autopsy, it's special and it's really cool. what you like in good ol' death metal they do it, but like no others, in their own twisted way. good dirty fun!

the Peaceville page for the record

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