jeudi 1 août 2013

Feastem - Avaritia humanae (2013)

After their very good album World delirium in 2011 and their split with Kill the client last year, Feastem, from Finland, are back with a new album called Avaritia humanae. and be reassured they haven't slowed down a bit. their grindpunk is still foot to the floor from start to finish (or finnish!). don't expect no sludgy, noisy slow parts on this album it's all the way straight to your face with agressive and dynamic riffing, fast singing with an effective flow and relentless very fast drumming (fast d-beat and blast beats). maybe some would complain it's a bit too clean sounding and too straightforward with some craziness missing. hum, well, maybe, but on the other hand the songwriting and production did a good job in going straight to the point and leaving away all the fat and useless. just take it for what it is and I'm sure you'll agree it's a very effective and pleasing delivery of merciless grindpunk speed beating. 

check it on their Bandcamp.

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